Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Flow and Trust

If there’s one thing 2019 and 2020 has taught me all is that nothing is ever certain.But sometimes you’ve just gotta go with the flow and trust that even when things don’t work out exactly as you’d imagined, they work out exactly as they should be.Before the pandemic ,i lost my dad to a massive heart attack.It was tough losing him and has left us in an emotional turmoil.Life seemed to have nomeaning at one point and at one point i understood that we cannot skip chapters in life.we have to face it all.There are some chapters that makes you cry for ever,but we have to keep moving and stories of life will keep revolving.Live yours ,dont miss out says the writer! In between the pandemic, kids and me moved cities,travelled miles ,wore masks,packed homes,cried our heart out,did not bother about marks,admissions in schools actually nothing but being nearer to the husband mattered. We moved homes,fell ill,got hospitalised in a city where i left my heart long ago.The city which saw my heartbreaks ,mended me to new ways ,a city where i studied and even lived for quite a while,Bengaluru..i hope you will treat me well! I still remember the first trip to Bengaluru with Acha and Amma,faded in pictures in the album,but still bright with beautiful memories of holding hands and walking in Cubbon Park,the soft wind that still rustles up the mind,a trip to the Bannerghatta Lion Park, Vidhan Soudha and the Pink and White roses we saw on the way.I can still feel the moments,smiles and laughter.Moments that have been blessed for,a little yearning to go back to the warmth of those hands. To have so much when so many have so little; To live in such a beautiful, corner of the world surrounded by nature was a dream. Gratitude for *White tubular flowers of Akashamalli *Marigold coloured hibiscus *Bright and beautiful spots at home *Long verandhas *Wooden pillars *Spaces surrounding *Inner courtyards

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