Friday, March 13, 2009

Dastkar-Keeping rural crafts Alive

Dastkar was in town and it was lovely to be again with the colours .This time it was called "Basant Bazaar" as it came in the spring season.And in what style !New products,new design ,new faces and a lot more fun.Through these images ,you can just have a glimpse of the riot of colours in Dastkar.I am sure you will love it!

Colourful trays and coasters
Colourful coasters
Spice box from Ethaan(NGO)

Small containers from Ethaan(NGO)

Wooden Mirror (Ethaan)

Colourful wooden coasters(Ethaan)

Bastar metal art

Pottery from Himachal

Elephant made from Vetiver

Rajasthani puppets

Wooden toys from Andhra

Bags made of patchwork from Karnataka

Leather bags,Chappals from UP
Stall exclusively for shawls from Rajasthan
Bags in cloth and beautifully patterned

Beautiful coloured dupattas
It was a lovely day well spent.Even I had my small cloth bag full of goodies when I returned from Dastkar.Longingly will wait for the next Dastkar.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous! love all the pics- it look like u had a lot of fun :) do share pics of yr goodies as when :)

  2. Thanks Vineeta,welcome to my blog.I had a lot of fun,my husband had a great time taking care of our 4 year old,lol.I will surely share the pictures of my goodies.They included some coasters,tray,mats and some pottery as well.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I would have been so tempted to buy just about everything :-)

    I loved the wooden spice box and coasters. Looking forward to seeing them in your home.

  4. Thanks Shalini for your lovely comments.I couldnt have controlled myself so much that i kept on buying small knick knacks.Can you imagine that i went twice there?Yeah i went.

  5. I love crafts melas....I am like a little girl in a candy store:-))

    Lovely captures!


  6. I welcome you Archana to my blog.I am happy to receive your comments.I am glad you liked them.Even if we have seen so many melas in our life,I don't know what drives us still there and we keep buying....?


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