Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A trip to the hills...

Winding paths , fresh mountain air and fragrance of the Deodars infused with the greens

A weekend trip to jeolikot. Just seventeen km before Nainital,a honey mooning paradise.A popular explosion of joy and happiness when we think of hills.It was fun,a trip to refresh the mind,body and soul
We usually go to the hills,when we feel like...We are actually quite familiar with the biological clock ticking inside us and telling us that we need a break.Away from the routine,a few days,left to us...
We saw the valleys celebrate the rains in joy and we saw the lush green preening ,adorning it all.We sat in silence and stared.

The silence in the hills is warm ,comforting and palpable.
The silence keeps a million secrets,hides many stories and tales ,tucks them away in the many layers,trails and paths that make the hills.It is this silence that makes you breathe, lets you forget and compels you to smile.It makes you wonder, makes you step out of a cosy tent and huddle around a bonfire to hear whispers of unfinished, ever evolving stories.It makes you notice the trees with lush fruits.Local farmers selling guavas and fresh radishes.

The winding hills,small shops selling fruits,shops selling fruitwines,squash,jams,marmalades,fruit chutneys and the mist in the air.We stayed at the "The Cottage"(more in celebrations decor)
"The Cottage "was a place to rejuvenate,read and relax,drink truckloads of chai and do absolutely nothing.It was the silence that made us nibble on almost ripe pears and apples, in the golden hue of candle light, and think of nothing but the twinkling of many, many stars strewn across the utterly dark skies.

Cups of chai and more chaiA winding uphill pathGlistening in rains,celebrating in joyWe sat in silence and stared at the mountains
A Bougainvillea way to be truly admired,on the way to Naukuchiyatal,30 km from jeolikot
Fresh Green guavas on tinstands on the way
Sparkling violets and greens

Pretty pinks or violet
Direct from the farm,to be washed

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Day Onam came visiting home.....

Another Onam has just passed by..Onam opens a chest full of memories....
Onam arrived at our home in its own pomp and splendour.It brought lots of happiness and festivities along with it.A day together, cherished forever.A flower carpet laid out in yellows and reds..The marigold gave a golden hue and the fragrance of the flowers filled the air.My little one hurriedly came back from school to help me.She had to do some rearranging with the already laid out flower carpet.Asked me to click her feet and the flowers.Posed with the flowers and asked me to take a hundred images of her.It was fun at the same time tiring to cook a 7 course meal for some of our friends who came over to have lunch.I sneaked time after cooking to think about some compositions hurriedly and clicked some snaps.In the centre of the flower carpet are the images of gods kept.Everything was laid out on the banana leaf ,the order obeyed when served and given to God first and then to all othersThe kheer came out fantabously..But inspite of all,Moments were full of memories celebrated together at homeMoments attached in strings make me miss Onam at home
Cherished Onam memories.....Come back to me in dreams..

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