Monday, December 17, 2012

my warmth in winters

The traditional old house with tiled roofs,the long windows that always creaked when closed,the colourful ixora flowers that surrounded the home.Images that gave me some warmth this winter  morning.

These are all images that made up our summer and monsoon holidays down  south this year
Old images  are beautiful,arent they?

The rainy stories on the painted brown box,the hibiscus flowers and the milky tea(no fancy cups here:)- the steel tumblers and glasses,the peeling paints on the parapet are all images that flash when  I think of our home down south.
The grandma who sits waiting patiently for us..every year,the stories that she tell us,the rain that poured constantly

the rain drenched ixora and a tumbler of chai...the peeled  off parapets...its an old house

it rained the whole night

ixoras wet and eaten by  bugs

the arecanut palms leaf fallen 

the colours definitely matched,the dull browns and them

old photographs,the  old memories,nostalgia,a ravivarma oleograph,the right hand corner are my parents

the book on the rusted box

rainy memories,hot and humid days

love these slats

loved each angle

the colourful hibiscus

the tea that got cold in my hands

the collection


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