Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for..

Its Thanks Giving all over and how can i not acknowledge such a wondrous thing?I have so many things to be thankful for and I am.My heart is calm and its silent here.I am greatful for all the simple blessings that come my way .Thank you all for joining me in my journey into the Celebrations of My Life.

enchanting sight of them on my table
everlasting frgrance
wine bottles and some greens

small vegetable garden ,terrace

the first harvest,just plucked

growing beans fresh

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lovely Morning and Ponmudi

Having spent a peaceful night among the hills,we woke up to a lovely morning .I hoped that we would be able to see the sunrise,but alas if theren't much of clouds.It was too cloudy and misty and cold as it rained the whole night.The earth was wet and we could feel the wetness and the cold creeping through was wonderful...The morning chai  was hot and it kept us warm.Some small yellow hill flowers and plumeria from my morning walk.A small rivulet on the way that made all of us playful and so many photographs made my day..




These made my day and i hope they made yours too...These made my days definitely brighter and put me in a good mood

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An evening in Ponmudi

 A Heavenly hill station and some treasured memories.A journey made during the last monsoons,last year when we went to the South.There were a treasure trove of images after the trip and till date couldn't finalise which ones were the better among  them.
Ponmudi,actually being near to our home,there isn't any need for a days stay there,but we stayed there to see the early sunrise.It was monsoon time and we generally couldn't guess the weather changing rapidly there from rainy into cloudy.. We stayed at "Golden Peak" the only hotel in the lower sanatorium.Theres an upper sanatorium also,where the hills drop down into valleys at all sides and the view is just amazing if there isnt much clouds.I am much of a nature lover ,but trying my hand at nature photography was for the first time.I hope the images will weave the story for my readers..

winding paths and the hairpin bends
dieties on the road
roadside prayers 

interesting small temples

almost reached the lower sanatorium

Hotel Golden Peak 

Small huts on the hill
a quick trip to the upper sanatorium

the view on the way

a lonely tree

rolling clouds,making their way for rain
way too windy,my little one and my dupatta
connectivity and hills

the light,my world filling light,in awe

i saw the rainbow and jumped in sheer joy

mists gathering on to the hotel side

rolling mists getting covered outside the room
 the most beautiful and the most wonderful view  

There were so many wonderful things that caught my eyes today.All things that i loved came down on earth a day for me.It happened as though I had a secret desire and the wish came true ..was it because i passionately wished for it..You all have a good nights sleep till i tell you what happened the next day...

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things and Little Things

The little things that makes life worthwhile.Enjoy the little things for once you may look upon back and realize that they are life's big  things.

The season of winter  in Delhi.Endless cups of tea in small teaglasses and some warm noodles.The coir mats are rolled and they make their way to thick carpets.Mine is a kalamkari one.Blankets in rainbow colours on the bed..A word of appreciation from the prestigious Indian decor and lifestyle magazine" Good Homes" for my blog.Its the first time for me in a print media and I am excited for that..Who doesn't like appreciations?Lifes little things make me happy this month.We celebrated Deepavali in low key compared to the last year.this time I have alittle 8 month old one crawling around me ,but even then the home was lit up in tealights in teaglasses and flowers and gheelit lamps.Let the gods blessings shower on us for a wonderful tomorrow....learn form yesterday,live for today and dream for the tomorrows..
that breeze and the plumeria

hot tea in small teaglasses

yummy noodles,comfort food

mats rolled
small plants in brass container

featured here..

deepavali,2011 at home

I am dreaming of better tomorrows..

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Its raining even now....

Its still raining in my village. I dreamt about the winding roads that leads to the temple, the temple pond and the crispness in air and the breath of fresh air. Imagining the monsoons that flood the courtyards in the village down south. Where the memories are hooked in childhood, it always used to rain...

I always loved to read personal anecdotes. Personal experiences from them which helps me love my life and see things which I have not experienced so far.

Read this and you will love it.

According to the Hindu calendar, each year is ruled by a particular planet. So have I found that in each period of life a particular season assumes a special importance. When I look back to my childhood I can best recall the rainy days. The wind-driven rain has flooded the verandah floor. The row of doors leading into the rooms are all closed. Peari, the old scullery maid, is coming from the market, her basket laden with vegetables, wading through the slush and drenched with the rain. And for no rhyme or reason I am careering about the verandah in an ecstasy of joy.

This also comes back to me:--I am at school, our class is held in a colonnade with mats as outer screens; cloud upon cloud has come up during the afternoon, and they are now heaped up, covering the sky; and as we look on, the rain comes down in close thick showers, the thunder at intervals rumbling long and loud; some mad woman with nails of lightning seems to be rending the sky from end to end; the mat walls tremble under the blasts of wind as if they would be blown in; we can hardly see to read, for the darkness. The Pandit gives us leave to close our books. Then leaving the storm to do the romping and roaring for us, we keep swinging our dangling legs; and my mind goes right away across the far-off unending moor through which the Prince of the fairy tale passes.

I remember, moreover, the depth of the Sravan nights. The pattering of the rain finding its way through the gaps of my slumber, creates within a gladsome restfulness deeper than the deepest sleep. And in the wakeful intervals I pray that the morning may see the rain continue, our lane under water, and the bathing platform of the tank submerged to the last step.

Rabindranath Tagore

Literature courtesy:here
Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind
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