Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel Tales, 1

Lots more images and stories to be shared 
Images  being saved day in and day out in the comp...
My camera works throughout clicking and clicking with the thought that these images may be shared and appreciated..
Thoughts work for new compositions ,but you cant resist the same compositions...
Travels make you find more subjects,but with the time limit being short and tasks to be accomplished in between, gave me less time to click more and travel in peace
There ought to be many more travels this year and the coming years only for my camera
Images are from last month's travels at my Dad's place,a village in Alleppey

Tiles make me yearn for a composition,the only thing around was a mango tree...
Hibiscus  flowers being a favourite,i kept on collecting them during the travel,they made aprop on the tiles
Fallen neem leaf and two jasmine flower buds : my little ones composition
Ixora and fallen mangoes
Imli on trees
Mango flowers in bloom

Violets bloom

Half eaten guava by birds and ixora flowers

Mangoes and bokehs

Jackfruit and bokeh

sat down for some juice
later on some tea in the courtyard
kanakambaram flowers pose 
way is laden with fallen Amaltas blooms
Its summer,why not rest in the Verandaha,then continue my travel?
Let me rest and continue my journey..
By the time u enjoy the images and let me know

Images and Ideas conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl do not copy or steal images

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Fragrance of Vishu

Misty feeling when u open your eyes before Lord Krishna,My Lord Krishna,I love you
Five wick oil lamp,the auspicious lamp,
Beauty of the vishu flower,bud

The small bananas glowing
vishu flowers

My Lord in a golden glow

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Yesterday was Vishu...
The New year, beckoned new hopes and tones for the year ahead;
Vishu as a whole is a package of dream rituals for any one....
*The Yellow golden" Vishu Flower,Amaltas"
*Momentous and resplendent ritual of seeing the offerings along with the Lord ,called "Vishu kani'
*The "Vishu Kaineetam",offering of money from elders to the younger ones
*Strings of nostalgic memories...,childhood especially
*Memories just drip in from the time I take my urulis for polishing and then it continues for some days even after vishu is over and long forgotten
*Memories as fresh as ever...lingering in the minds for ever...
*The Happy "Vishu Sadya"
*Bursting of "Vishu crackers"
Surely the melody of Vishu has still not lost its charm

Images and Ideas conceived By Lakshmi Arvind
Pl do not copy images nor steal them.Images are copy right..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relax,Sip and Enjoy

*Come relax and enjoy at home
*Thats what we think when we start off on our visit to the home town
*Last month at home had been busy with wedding,sorting out sarees,making jewellery,ordering running errands and inviting.....
*In between the last minute busy schedules,I tried my level best to have some time for myself,enjoying the warm sun,sipping tea,the morning light,my favourite grills and windows and so on....
*Some spa treatments at home,relax and enjoy for less....
*Late morning oil baths at home
*Some routines we still try and practice at home
*Practiced by grandma and passed on to mom and then trying to pass it onto the generations next
*Hibiscus leaves happily wait for us to be pressed and give us the green juice,thts what i told my little one
*Turmeric makes us fair ,Coconut scrub for the skin ,tulsi and flowers for the  hair.....
*Now that the bath is over and the simple meal at home on banana leaf is over ,its time for a nap
*Nap times werent much this time at home,but we managed some ...
*While i take my nap,do enjoy the images

Ideas and Images conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Please dont copy images nor steal them

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mellow Memories

*Mellow Memories
*Missing home
*Missing the togetherness
*Missing the evening tea times
*Missed the simple meal on banana leaves
Missing the reflections,shadows and mellow light
*Missing the hibiscus blooms ,that went into different urulis each day
*Missing the flooring which helped me capture all the reflections in its true spirit
*I miss each moment i spent ....
*Memories of home... It is music which will open your heart and heal your soul as you take a journey ...
*simple things which helped me make compostions
*frames just get set into mind 
*moments of laughter and joy
*moments of separation,swelling tears in eyes
*To wipe your tears away put your head on my shoulder cause daddy's here . ...
*I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband
*Moments spent in celebration

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