Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Deepavali !

Wishing you all lovely blogger friends a very happy and bright Deepavali !A festival which brought me back many shiny memories.Deepavali is the time to celebrate new beginnings.

Today let me take you around the festivities at home.I always look forward to let my creativity flow as I set about decorating the house with rangoli,flowers and diyas.

Welcome to our sweet little home ,where we lit 108 Diyas .Those were the lights of faith and worship lit towards welcoming the Goddess.

The day is very special as the entrance gets adorned with colourful rangoli .Early gathering of flowers,making garlands to adorn the doors and house,the early morning oil baths ,the naivedyas, prasads and flower offerings and betel leaves for the god.All Urulis and small brass vessels get filled with floating flowers and floating fragrant candles.Lights of the diyas and fragrance of the oil lit lamps,dhoop, agarbattis and the candles get infused into the air.The then Calmness enveloped us. My little one had some small sparklers which she played with for a while.

I wish you all a very happy Deepavali and I hope it brings all of you joy ,laughter and wonderful memories.

(Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind,Please do not use the images without prior permission)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shubh Deepavali...

*Its Festival Season.
*The "Festival of Lights".
*A Flurry of activities to be done.
*Love and Laughter in the air.
*The fragrance of Oil lit lamps ,Marigolds,home made Turmeric and Kumkum.
*Home made sweets and the smell of ghee wakes our senses.
*Do read celebrationsdecor ,my other blog where i keep posting the decor and designs of "Deepavali"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kashi Art Cafe-Fort Kochi

"Kashi Art Cafe" A Quaint cafe that houses an art gallery showcasing the finest works by contemporary artists,a relaxed space where art meets the enthusiast.An airy tropical garden cafe with a restful ambiance.The interiors of cafe gave us the feeling of being in an oldmansion with a story to tell.

Situated in one of the colourful streets of Fortkochi was the cafe.Architecture resembled the traditional Kerala,have a seat outside the cafe and look into the streets.Todays menu was dispalyed on the black board outside

Who wouldn't not love to sit here under this shade?

A closer view of the Sivalingam and the Shadows, as you enter and so its name Kashi (God Shiva)

Surrounded by green,lends a tropical feel and an unusual coolness in the air

An old antique vessel for heating water and tea
Inbuilt seating arrangements and i loved the use of two colors on the walls


Its simply great!

To Autumn .........

I can smell the seasons change.Isnt that smell wonderful?My usual morning walks.Still the leaves are green in Delhi,
but the season is autumn...

*leaves of red and brown fluttering down the tree tops
*shimmering and glittering leaves
*leaves in the park are swept to one heap
*little one busy collecting leaves of different colors
*air smells lovely
*beautiful colors of the day
*blinding light flooding through the window into the corners of my home
*anticipation of winter
*beginning of festivals
*the sound of the leaves crunching by my feet
*wanting to sleep more in the mornings

Autumn is a season we love:

*love the crisp,cooler air in the mornings and night
*love to see the vibrant changing leaves of the trees
*love to decorate and redecorate
*love living to my senses
*learning and loving the season

Enjoy the season everyone...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Rained in Jeolikot..Enjoy the rains with me !

It rained incessantly when we were at jeolikot.
You should see it when it rains...
I was looking at the mountains when it started to rain.
We got wet and the wetness transpired a new joy into us
It rained on the red roofs,through the ivy covered walls of the "Cottage" where we were staying
The pitter patter through the roofs was indeed sounding nice but scary
Lights went on and off ,but there awaited a candle light dinner
The mornings after the rains were cool and chilly
The flowers drooped due to the heavy rains
Some of them had rain drops all over
Some of them dropped petals and leaves all around
Seemed as though a mystery surrounded the rains in Jeolikot

Friday, October 2, 2009

For the love of Bougainvilleas...

Sweet Bougainvilleas,sing your song
It was raining and the sound of wetness,fallen bloom and feet posed near them,the sweet bougainvilleas
Bougainvilleas reminds me the creche i went to ,its roofs were covered with them.,
The fragrance of the papery blooms are the most appealing,have anybody smelt them?
Most appealing when trained on to the walls,on to the roofs and the trellis,
Simple balconies with brightly coloured bougainvilleas always attracted me.,
The cascades of hot pink takes my breath away each time i see them,
Let the rain fall,let nature sing,let the bougainvillea blooms fall,let them spread the world of fragrance...

Bougainvillea, sing your song
For my lover,for my love i need ,Yeah
Sweet Bougainvillea
Let her wear your flowers in her hair
You will always be
Always be our love song(Allman Brothers Band)

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