Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life and Us...February

Life gives us an abundance of grace and gifts.We were on a wonderful journey the "second time",that gave us the best gift ever..i am greatful to God for having given me the cutest bundle of joy the second time both of them.

Jaidev was born on February 24.He is our bundle of joy.A little brother for my little and lovely daughter Gayatri.Baby boys are entirely different from baby girls and so we are learning more about him day by day and we love him dearly as much as we love our baby doll,our pussy cat Gayatri..(thts what we call her at home,she enjoys it,being called this way)

Needless to say life has been busy since then and I am at my home down south,away from Delhi,away from my daughter and husband,eventhough they keep their visits once a month.I am missing my home in Delhi,where three of us loved and lived, terrible miss being there.....

I am yearning to going back home, to my dearest hubby, to our own place, to our own routine, to our favorite haunts,to all the hill stations,to all the trips that have been kept on postponing for a year,for the morning walks in the parks and so much more and introducing Jaidev to our friends and family there.

I am really having a wonderful and relaxed time here,at my home, and I'm making the most of it, enjoying the daily massages, relishing the food and enjoying a bit of free time for flickr,blogging and facebook while myparents play with the baby

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