Tuesday, August 11, 2015

the wind in the hair:)-

Had  been home after quite a long time:)-
I felt as if I  had been woken up from a slumber:)-
I loved the irradiate refuge of sleep that i could get at home..In my dreams i found a little of the beauty that i had sought in life and wandered through old woods and enchanted gardens..(H.P.Lovecraft)

At home down south ,we saw  colours in the sky that don't usually belong. We did some amazing road trips  with music in the ears and the wind in the hair.I took off my shoes and walked in to the woods.I felt lost and found with every step i took.....
Often an urge to  sail endlessley and langurously under strange stars.The gentle rain fell and i glided in a sunless  stream under the earth till i reached another world of blue moon and red flowers.
As time treads on we think memories become muddled and vague,but they become rememberances of longing ..longing to go back ,longing to never forget again.Here are some not so faded snapshots of the amazing energy gathered around ...

All images copyright Lakshmi Arvind..Please do not copy.Ask permission before you use them.

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