Tuesday, May 29, 2012

smells like summer...

summer scents smells light, it refreshes,it reminds me of all good times..
the summer in these fragrances..the plumerias and the fragrance of the handmade marbles at the delhi home
jackfruits and mangoes all the time at home,down south
sliced thin raw jackfruits that go into a preparation with coconut grinded with red chillies
mangoes that go with curd or eaten raw with little oil and sliced shallots..hmmm takes me down to the good old days at my grandmas,.
my dad still recognises the various native mangoes and still now i find it quite hard.
Photographing food
i never thought colocasia would become an ideal backdrop..
celebrating new beginnnings

the brilliant reds
the plumerias and their everlingering fragrance

jackfruits and mangoes

romantic setting..colocasia leaves

Life's like that..I enjoy each day as it comes..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summers at home

Summer vacations at home..relaxing,unwinding and indulging. Summers are full of picture perfect images from the fallen mangoes,to the banana leaves to the huge colocasia leaves, to the amazing home cooked food,to the beach moments(the beach is a ten minute drive from our house)Hope this is a Summer album in the making.

a pile of books read ,taken it along with me to reread them..
the beautiful colocasia leaves,i am in love with them...truly and sincerely...yeah i am reading a poem sitting here..this makes me a true romantic

the lazy evenings at home

loved the red ones,red upside downs

freshly picked .from the kitchen gardens at home
 image:lakshmi arvind

Monday, May 14, 2012

One afternoon

One afternoon,in the month of may.
whats blooming across the bedroom window?
they bloomed,and they are blooming all over like crazy
falling down the streets,washed with a golden yellow
flying all over and floating in the thali ...

As i sit miles away in my home down south..i miss them
i wait for the june showers ,to bring down the flowers along with it
still i hear a rumble in the sky and then this time I shall read aloud the" Flower School" for my daughter.
life is all about nostalgia isnt it..?

images and ideas Lakshmi Arvind
please do not copy the images..

Friday, May 4, 2012

this morning

Lucky was my awakening this morning..,i could see the sun before me,the rays melted in front of me and do you all believe ,my little one chased the sun,he felt it,he kissed it,he adored,he laughed and  made love with it.
In love with the golden touch..
Golden was his touch,that it just shone in my house and my house is blessed/.
my chai still got cold in the balcony,while i kept on clicking
the money plants get adjusted to their environment in the bottles.
best moments in life are caught in the mornings and i wait for it always...

images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In the beautiful month of May..as I see they bloomed,the Gulmohars,the magical Gulmohars...I look out of my windows,and i see them out in the park,the streets in Delhi explode with these beautiful trees and it softens my heart and i remember the peak of summer vacations,the times when we stuck the yellow calyx on our fingers and pretended to be ones with beautiful nails,the times we waited with bated breath for the wind to blow and the mangoes to fall ,the looming powercuts and the beautiful hand fans,and the fragrant champas and so many more...so lovely are the summer moments..
as i walk down the lanes
the magical gulmohars
on the way for pickles

the fragrant handfans
on the way to the hills...

All Images..courtesy Lakshmi Arvind

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