Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking its way into Onam

Its Onam...
Onam the Harvest festival
The Monsoons make its way for Onam,there is greenery and celebrations around,and its time to reap the harvest and rejoice with nature.
Golden sunshine,Multihued flowers and Onam..........Onam suddenly brings about memories of bygone times at home when celebrations were synonymous with Onam days.
Onam season brings about a string of memories.Memories of friendship,swings and childhood
Boat races,sumptuous feast ,new clothes and pookalams are abiding images of Onam.Longing for home as always..Longing to be back into the childhood days ,where we used to celebrate it at my Dad's traditional house Get togethers of the families,gifting each other clothes called the Ona-koddi,watching movies and lot of merry making.
I still remember the fun we used to have picking flowers for making the Pookalam (Flower Carpet)n
Gathering flowers for the pookalam is associated with memories of a handful of flowers one used to collect from paddy fields and hedges.Onam is all about Onasadya,the Onam lunch with mouth watering dishes and savouries and sweets.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Through the Monsoons

Loving Rains as truly as i love sunshine.Rains begin in Delhi and thoughts of home come rushing.Reviving memories is a part of Rains,its undoubtedly for all..I watched Rains silently..I always felt Rain as a character,where it functioned as a mood setter and metaphor.The kinetics and dynamism Rains give are immense.Rains does represent different feelings,from romance to nostalgia.
Raindrops like tears,wash away ones mind,splashes thoughts into ones mind, red muddy pools in front of the house.

Des Raag fades into silence in my thoughts..
The downpour refreshed ones mind,body and soul,isn't it true?My Cosmos flowers shedded its petals in the rain.The sight and sound of the rains takes you into a dream..I love and enjoy monsoons and raindrops..
Just a journey into the vastness and glory of rains...

Giving company are Paulo Coelho and Oranges and the collectors items of Rain on display..........

Thursday, August 20, 2009

in Fort Kochi...

There's always something at Fort Kochi  anytime you visit her...We have visited her umpteen times.
the streets,boutique hotels and cafes and much more........

Princess Street is one of the most famous attractions of a visit to famous city of Fort Kochi.
There are several beautiful old houses built in European style or colonial style.Almost all the famous old homes of Fort Kochi are situated on the Princess Street.Buildings are simply beautiful with their shedding pastel colors, and flower pot laden windowsills.The Loafer’s Corners provides tourists excellent views of Princess Street.

Many cafes catering to your tastes and Heritage hotels stand lined up before you in each street.

Reasonably priced good food at Dal roti

Colours liberally used on the walls,doors and windows seemed to amuse us.

Interesting signboards on view.

Idiom Booksellers where one can exchange old books for new.

Come back with lots more .....................

Monday, August 17, 2009

Of Peacock Feathers and Young Gods !

A Happy janmashtami to you all!In the rich hues of the peacock feathers,in the dripping sweetness of pedas,laddus and bal mithais,i see you my Krishna;As the wind wafts into my windows i can hear you my Krishna,The tender feet of my little one reminds me of you my Krishna,As I close my eyes ,I see you laugh,the laughter that takes away my mind my Krishna;As I open my eyes I can see you running to hide my Krishna,

Krishna I am Melting,melting melting,Nothing remains but you...

all images lakshmi arvind

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Re-living the Bygone Era.........

Summer vacations are an opportunity to revisit the places which hold a special place in our heart.A trip to the Palace of the erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore was definitely on our itinerary this summer.The palace stands proud as a living example of the bygone era.

It was a royal journey through the elegance and splendour of the royalty at that time..Getting transcended to the era of The Maharajas ,Horse chariots and Palanquins...Could I hear some galloping and marching of the soldiers..I did close my eyes for a minute to listen carefully...My mind wandered aimlessly thinking,of the life they lived.My little one hopped and jumped ,taking fallen flowers,,I felt her on "my path" when she took a fallen leaf and placed it on the shadows and asked me to shoot..Some Feet fetish shots .Feeling the hands of the temple goddesses kept outside the main shrine in the palace,an act which we would never bother to..

An amazing experience of the pomp and splendour of the Yesteryears.The beauty and charm of the palace,the pillars,columns,courtyards,amazing shadows,Celebration of the light and darkness....
It was a journey into the Sound ,light,dusk and darkThey stood as a fine reminder to the things we experienced in this journey.Thought the Palace wanted to whisper a thousand stories and moods into my ears..
The majestic palace left me captivated,I stood there thinking how much laughter, sorrow, cries and life might have passed on till now..

The throne where the Maharajas sat, the bed, the swing beds, the chairs, benches and the paintings on the walls, the long corridors, the wooden flooring, the wooden steps, the antique jaalis, windows each had its own interesting tale, if only they could speak, the visit would have never ended, nor would have the stories...................

Please visit Celebrations Decor  for a behind the scenes look at the Palace.
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