Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it rains in my village

Many stories untold and many more images to be posted and this is the story of "my village",where the trees are still green,the sky still blue which counted for something.It was June and raining and all the lakes and ponds were swollen ..lilies and lotuses floated in the ponds and along with them the weedy floaters too..the long winding path that led to our familiy temple,a diety which we have worshipping for years.the peace transcends into joy when we stand before thee godesss..Ferns pushing through the cracks and crevices,the white and red flowers rejoicing..me and my village and the rains and a long walk.

"We both live in the same village"

We both live in the same village and that is our one piece of joy.
The yellow bird sings in their tree and makes my heart dance with gladness.
Her pair of pet lambs come to graze near the shade of our garden.
If they stray into our barley field I take them up in my arms.         

Bees that have hived in our grove go to seek honey in theirs.
Flowers launched from their landing stairs come floating by the stream where we bathe.
Baskets of dried kusm flowers come from their fields to our market.

The lane that winds to their house is fragrant in the spring with mango flowers.         
When their linseed is ripe for harvest, the hemp is in bloom in our field.
The stars that smile on their cottage send us the same twinkling look.
The rain that floods their tank makes glad our Kadam forest.

By Rabindranath Tagore

it rained overnight and under the peepal 

the long winding path
the family temple

the steps leading to the temple

it was wet everywhere
some old lamps underneath the peepal near the temple
drops and drops

silver drops


white jewels

absolutely gorgeous patterns

insect bitten

star flowers

ferns through the crevices


proud red

those were the days

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images courtesy:lakshmi Arvind

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hidden Beauty of Everyday life

Finding Beauty in Everyday Life.Beauty of everyday life in my home.
 props and a Panchatantra story
 swans,hunter and a tree
 the light streaming into the bedroom
 a healthy breakfast ,the colourful editions of the TOI
 grasping and now tying to walk,times fly
 a handmade rakhi card by us which travelled miles to my sis 9 month old son
 a antique candle stanf form the town of mandawa ,which got filled with flowers first.the purple just blew my mind out

Over your creations of beauty there is the mist of tears...I love the light of the sun and love the Plays and Poems of Tagore..The Master
"He longed to be the wind and blow through your rustling branches,to be your shadow and lengthen with the day on the water,to be a bird and perch on your topmost twig,and to float like those ducks among the weeds and shadows".

We travelled miles the past two months..we travelled from Taj to the town of Mandawa and then to the pols of Ahmedabad...will write out the stories..By the way the beauty of India filled my images and my mind..
Enjoy these times,they may never come back to you..

Images Lakshmi Arvind
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Navarathri Wishes to all !

The traditions of Navarathri and the legends and the myths, awesome.  Navarathri wishes to all my readers!

Tulsi  plucked fresh

and the Thali...

Images :Lakshmi Arvind
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Festival of memories

Its festival time. Durga puja pandals in all the parks, the fragrance of incense and dhoop everywhere and puja bhajans. Cacophony of children playing and screaming and aunties dressed in their best ...all sights to be seen and enjoyed..

Some images and some memories .. images which were taken a week before we came back to Delhi..It was still wet and raining those days. A journey to a nearby farm, and the tropical flowers that came home with me. The orchids that were cut and dipped in a tank of water gave the best images that it could never would have given me in a vase. The blue lotus .could not have looked more bluer. Inspired by Shalini and her Neem leaves. My dearest friend Shalini  from here who is always there for me. Its a blessing to have found her. The colocasias in the kitchen garden were taller than me, my morning tea got cold posing posing.....lovely memories ..true I am in love with them, the images and the memories Am I hugging them...yes I am ....

Image courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind
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