Thursday, February 16, 2012


So far a lovely week,Meeting old friends,shopping at the mela,just being me ,like a kid running here and there frantically looking and learning.I simply loved everything there..Watching Julie and Julia.An Inspiration in the form of a beautiful Movie.It has made me happy,but I am watching it for the umpteenth time.I love the quote.."You are the butter to my bread and you are the breath to my life",lovely isnt it?I had a wonderful time,this winter capturing the gorgeous winter vegetables which i carried home and went into the soups and curries and salads..loved the colours and the freshness of each of them.There was also some good food time this winter..Enjoy..
the radishes which went into salads and the yummy parathas

the light on the glossy cherry tomatoes,they just rolled from the brown paper bag on to the table,they danced
do you see who sits with them ?my darling plumeria

my ten month had arolling time with the beans,i do allow him to play wit the vegetables,the round and shiny tomatoes and he tries to feel it,chew it..i love watching it
the glossy over ripe avocado..

the christmas feel,the walnut and pomegrantes

the cherries which went into cakes..a cake in the making...
a long time since i baked...

the pakodas..onion and  potatoes..some went into the kadi..
 Images:Lakshmi Arvind
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shalini ,Elisha and lots of light

Last thursday I met up with my dear friend Shalini and Elisha(is an adorable doll) whom I haven't seen since last winter.The relationship with Shalini has matured over time and years and seasons and I am so grateful for having a friend like her.Meetings with her always resulted in moments that inspired us,and we enjoyed the simple moments of life.I have always experienced the happiness from her,the inspiration which she brings from within,the opportunity to share the life's experiences and what not!At any point of time,it feels good to be with her.The conversations are picked up from where we stopped earlier..might be months before,always informal,the relaxed way,the simplicity of the conversations,and clicking all the way..celebrations of life in a way.Glimpses at her home 
shadows at her lovely home

her mom in law

with elisha and the balloona

the shadows in which elisha had made her play area

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter and Rumi

The hand of spring will unfold the secret of winter(rumi) winter.Loving it as it is making its way for the spring..Its cold here eventhough i write so.We had a crazy winter,this time that brought lots of rain and hailstones falling ....Come on Beautiful spring,I am trying to be patient. 

the cozy red rajais

touched by this,as I walk along his side

the sun coming out 

its cosier here

beautiful weeds overtakes 
nothing but a hot tea.

Images and Ideas Lakshmi Arvind
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