Friday, September 26, 2014

Taken a while!

It has taken me a while to come back to idea about the comfort and space i was enjoying and the life at its own pace.Trying to quit this urge of living like this and overcoming them:)-i cant stop myself from writing now.
Countless adventures and experiences waiting to be discovered here.I know how much you all have been part of me in this travel of mine..these are the experiences and fond feelings i have experienced at our native when away for  vacations. 
The golden sands,magical sunsets,magical monsoons,homely meals,red hibiscus that floated everywhere,some amazing dinners with awesome family,amazing musical concerts and dance performances and family marriages:)- Heres an ode to what we enjoyed!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Enveloped In Green!

As Dallas says..Like an old guitar worn out and left behind i have stories still to tell and they are of the healing kind!

I think of all of you in varieties of the colour green. Green is what is enveloped me at this very moment. Being green and thinking green is a process and not status. "We need to think of green as a verb and  not as an adjective"..Daniel Golman

Childhood, farming and agriculture went hand in hand for us..the farming practices at my fathers home were always looked at with generosity and eagerness. The early morning walks into the paddy fields were always loved. Loved the songs that were sung at the time of threshing the grains, sowing the grains and harvesting them. Alas only if i had a camera with me at that time..But they are all captured in the inner mind!

I always thought that might have paved the way for me to enter an agriculture field with no difficulties. Eventually work forced my parents to migrate in to the urban land leaving the country side..But within the limited spaces there also we as a family tried to incorporate plants at various levels in our life, for comfort and for study. My Amma had been an inspiration all throughout for the undying love towards her plants in her profession too.

Here i live miles away from my Delhi,where the vagaries of the climate plays a major role, where some flowering plants were the only solace in the balconies and the terrace areas..But last autumn, i tried to reduce the flowering plants and started growing some vegetables. Trying something in a foreign environment had  its own failures. But at present we have some little greens to enjoy in the balcony and i am wrapped in a green envelope..Still my farming mind wants me back to get back to soil and cultivate and go back to my roots, which i think i will eventually do.

Get inspired, grow your own food, Vote for sustainability and Organic gardening and Living life the Sustainable way.

I am now Trying, Teaching and Encouraging all kinds of initiatives that will create a green eco-friendly environment at home :)-for the betterment of us and our children!

Let it be good for you and good for the Planet! —

beauty of the bittergourd flowers

dhaniya's in a corner of the room

its all green!

a daily dose of greens..little is joy 

on the centre table..what a joy

its a joy to find these this morning:)-

the organic way..the face scrub from Krya

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Follow your Dreams............they know your way!

Its been a while here.The first post of the year 2014...

Life did take its turns and turns last  2013.its all in nostalgia.The year that gave  me all high and lows and ups and downs,made my dreams come true.. 

It made me realize that life is beautiful and indeed i needed to celebrate the beauty of life everyday..

Then finally my images that got translated into a beautiful calendar.I thought all these years and  waited for a perfect moment then i realized  one need to take the moment and make it perfect..There's a turn in everybody's life where dreams go and wait their turn ..dreams are reality in waiting.Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your dreams then reach for the stars to change the world.

I chose December or December chose me No idea...a month of snow and feasts;time to make amends and tie loose ends;finish off what you started and hope your wishes come true.

The month of nostalgic memories...of hopes and dreams of losing and winning.But in a way I love December.I got married in December. While words can never fully express how much someone means to us,but it can still provide comfort, solace, hope and even inspiration. "More and more, when i single out the person who inspired me the most I go back to my grandfather.You know how it is when you lose one of your was just like that..It was in the month of December that i lost him and then December makes my wishes come true!Yes it did finally!

The images in the calendar are that gave me a life full of beauty and love,the images that sums up all my memories and that gave me happiness beyond definition everytime I look into..

Follow your dreams..they know the way...Kobi Yamada

before it went for spiralling

the calendar

december page from the calendar
the december light

winter is here to stay:)-

Limited ones for sale too.Anybody who wants the calendar please write to me at

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