Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rainy season-Romantic and Magical-Monsoons!

Monsoons have its own Magnetic charm.Monsoons are magical days.The romantic and vibrant season starts here.Monsoons are a part and parcel of the state.Days are dull and cloudy.
Sun plays hide and seek with us.We enjoy the long shadows in the late evening.I wait for the long shadows and take loads of pictures.Aroma of rich Brew Coffee from the Kitchen.We wait for the evening snacks to be kept on the table.Listening to the all time hot Radio Mirchi FM 98.4 .A Rain songs special episode coming up in FM....My little one learning to make paperboats from her grandpa.She jumps into the rains and gets wet when nobody is noticing.
Sparkling raindrops lingering on the flowers,the lightness in air and the fresh smell of the earth.Love watching the rains falling through the boughs of coconut palms.Makes one nostalgic ,memories flooded back.
I think of the days and yet to research on the correlation between " the first day of the school and the first heavy downpour of the season"Rain meant cool nights,scary winds that whistle through the night and drainage channels full in glory.We visited DC books store and TDC bookstore and purchased Jhumpa Lahiri's "Unaccustomed Earth"Watched the rain from inside the car at night.Drive in the car in rains is beautiful and also scary.Wonderful and amazed at the backwaters and the monsoons arriving on it.
I can hear Amma calling....
I am off to relish the home made snack of crispdosas and the coconut chutney and the tea that comes with it..

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Feel of Being at Home:)-

At home finally.,Love being at home.Loving the old mosaic tiling at home.
The fragrance of the Hibiscus,Mandaram(Kanchan),Starjasmines and Jasmines fill the rooms.The fragrance of flowers all diffused around.Home grown Mangoes,coconuts,guavas and cherries in plenty.Ringing of bells from the poojaroom.Still the same brand of Agrabatti(Cycle brand),even if others have been tried and tested.Simply in love with the sunbeams filling the rooms.
Moms old steel tumblers in which chai is served,we used to have the same ones since childhood,since i remember,years have passed by.,Mom running around busily and my little one running after her.
Moms special breakfast menu and evening snacks.Love always the scooter of my Dad,he has not had enough of his Bajaj.Aroma of the cooking in coconut oil.Loving the home made shampoos with Hibiscus leaves.Who doesnt love being at home,am I right?Being within the comfort of your home.....The touch,the smell,the sound and the feel are amazing.A sense of calm always prevailed ,when being at home.
While I enjoy my time at home, will you keep thinking and writing of your experiences at home?

Friday, June 5, 2009

The good news is this-Summer has come and its time for Vacations..

Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sunshine.

After a long winter with more than its share of chills ,there is plenty to look forward to in the delicious lunches at home,lip licking mom made special pickles, barefoot walks on warm beaches,picnics,travels in backwaters,scenic walks,the family tea time with special snacks and much more awaiting......

Summer is come and its time to go home .

We love travelling by trains,the sense of calmness that surrounds that travel ,lingers on with you for a while,our onward journey was by train.

Have you all ever felt that travelling by train was quite romantic?I felt it whenever i travelled:)

As serious lovers of trains...we loved waking up late in the train,enjoy a breakfast and then watch the world pass.

Enjoyable most are the Views Outside the Train Window.

The minute you look out you are greeted by the too familiar cacophony of the "Chai" "Garam Chai" "Bread omlette" "Paper le lo,Paper ".

The sights,sounds and smells were all so familiar.
They say if you haven't travelled in indian Railways,you haven't seen India!Yes the incredible India is not complete without its fascinating bit of the railways.
Passengers running after coolies,to locate particular carriages;vendors trotting up and down selling their ware,mineral water,fruits,news papaer and periodicals.

It is difficult to believe that you are seeing your fellow passengers for the first time,as the train is speeding there starts the food and life stories.

Having chai was an experience in itself.An experience not to be missed.The Chaiwallahs were an institution in themselves,unlikely to be seen anywhere .

Their cries could even penetrate the airconditioned carriages.They parade up and down with vigour to reach out to everybody,dutifully.

Earlier ,typical way of making it was with a mixture of water,tea leaves ,sugar and milk and they used to boil it ,until everything got extracted from the tea leaves.
But now it was a luke warm thin milk solution wherein they put tea bags and give you,all a part of modernisation.

The train which we took also gave hot water for us to make our tea ourselves and some snacks to munch.

The train made its way through the undulating mountains,the tunnels,the meadows ,rivers and fields.

Glimpses of Life just passed its way outside our window.

I was totally immersed in the views ,the sunsets,the farmer making his way home,the small kerosene lamps lit in the houses in the villages ,was totally woken up with a jerk which made me come back to reality:)

It was my little one who asked me ,Amma when will we reach home ?This might be one among the countless times she has asked me :),she is getting bored and irritated,while we enjoy the philosophical part of the journey

All awesome experiences in itself :)

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