Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sufi to Inspire your Life

I have heard about Sufi and Rumi and i have heard sufi music,but this was the first time i sat to read.
I sat to read in Ahmedabad when we were at the "Arts Reverie"
A journey into the world of dreams,love far and beyond

i could feel the beauty of love and pain within..
I loved the writings,the quotes and the colours and language,it drawings show the complexities of mind and when you look within you seem to be drawn into them...
beautiful is the word i can say...
do read ..
i think i need to buy a book on Rumi now..
on my list..

lakshmi arvind

Thursday, March 8, 2012

HoLI kE RAng!

Lets play Holi, at Home/....Amma said my little one/
and then we played and here it is...
May all your lives be filled with colours as vibrant as this and much more...

Happy holi to all of you!

Friday, March 2, 2012

these days....

Winter is on its way out..But the wintry breeze is still here..As Tagore ji says,the wintry breeze make the amloki trees dance in delight..But now its time for the Phalguni masa.

As i read about Tagore,i find that Baishakh, heralding the beginning of the Bangla year and summer, was also the month in which the poet was born. The songs and poems he composed on Baishakh and the new Bangla year constitute a treasure-house in Bengali literature. An adorer of dynamism, Rabindranath found in the 'absconding clouds' of Baishakh, the dream of the mountains, which wanted to float like them. For him summer was the veritable beginning of it all. It stood for all that was new
Come,oh Baisakh!,come
Breathing the fragrance of meditation

My little one turned one before the spring,the late winter still shines the corners of my house,some flowers uplifts my mood before they make their way out and dry,the green and blue balloons swayed in the light and breeze ,and then there were some inspirational,insightful and precious gettogethers,the brown and earthy tones being loved than any other colours,wrapping the shawls as i walk in the house,the cool insides of the house,whereas its sunny outside,the crunchy sound of the brown paper packages..a gift from a dear friend , the lipsmacking ber pickle..and so many more moments that i hold close to my heart that are not photographed...and on goes the life..seasons after seasons...

Images :Lakshmi Arvind not copy nor steal..
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