Friday, January 28, 2011

memories,dreams and reflections....

Flowers and leaves that fell into a large mortar and pestle in the garden takes me to the world of memories,dreams and reflections
Come travel with me to the wonderland...

Yesterday is but todays memory,tomoroow is today's dream
(Kahil Gibran)
Our dreams must be stronger than our memories.
We must be pulled by our dreams and not pushed by our memories.
Its also wonderful to bring back your memories...isnt so?
Give your dreams all you have got and be amazed at the energy that it gives back to you.
I am now dreaming of the brightest and happiest tomorrows...
Quiet reflections, memories and dreams ,life's bliss at the moment,you all enjoy this ...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fragrance of the New Year,a little late though.....

Happy New Year 2011 !,a little late though..

I am still not sure what 2011 has kept in store for us,but definitely exciting...And frankly, I don’t want to either know too much or make big plans. I want to live in the present moment.

But one thing I am sure its going to be a more exciting and loving year for us.It will be the year when we discover more love for sure than the last year and we hope to travel more of the world we love.

I am blessed to have a loving husband, an adorable little girl ,our loving family, my photography and blogs.I love all of you who have stayed and come back patiently despite the erratic schedule in blogging..

I wish you all a fantastic new year. I hope it’s filled with a lot of incredible things. Love and Laughter. Everything you hope for.

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