Thursday, October 21, 2010

bougainvillea home

Early morning country tea
its definitely cool these days in the morning
little mist in the air
a morning drive
walks in the parks
thinking of the walks in the Bougainvillea laced courtyards down south with tea in hand
walking past roses and bougainvilleas in the garden
Bougainvilleas blaze like jewels in the sunshine
golden sunshine lits up the room
a book not yet finished
"radiant raindrops of rajasthan" is it another word for the Bougainvilleas?
brighten your life with Bougainvillea.....

bougainvillea cafe,i use them a lot these days..
Bougainvillea,Bougainvillea.."radiant raindrops of rajasthan" aren't they?
a peaceful moment,a wonderful moment captured

some illustrations from the book

365 days the people make use of u think when you visit rajasthan?

brighten your life...with bougainvilleas and them both

all images and ideas conceived and clicked by Lakshmi Arvind

Monday, October 18, 2010

"today is the miracle"

Today.Life is lived in the present. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is yet to be.Today is the miracle.
(Unknown author)

I love reading quotes
i think of life and the moment called present
the colour blue in mind
drinking sugarless chai,one of the recent accomplishments
would you all like to join in?
the flowers of Alstonia Scholaris still not bloomed
the blooming coincides with the festival season
we did enjoy navaratri and saraswati pooja
i enjoyed the holidays my little one
the fragrance of marigold lit lamps filled the house
loving the smell of dhoop and agarbattis
Reading amarchitra katha is one of the recent past times for us
A farm stay near Manesar brought in an inner peace within..(more later)

how about the combinations of green and red cushions in the living room?
very very traditional,isnt it?
making some cushion covers from moms old sarees
my gardener plans to bring saplings of seasonals
its the time of winter here after a month and i hope my terrace blooms with flowers....
I think i am forgetting today is it so...
did the future come into my mind?
it happens...once in a while...enjoy today

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Once again i greet autumn light.I wandered from one room to the other searching for the softer tones of light.Autumn light pours into the room and dances on my walls in the early morning hours.A mixed fragrance at home todaySome lilies on the chest and their intoxicating fragrance.I dug out some old lovable antiques,my betel nut cracker.The purity of the white hibiscus,nothing can beat it...staged some of them and took some images.There were marigolds for puja at home.Still my hands have the everlasting fragrance of pichipoo.

some of the moods at home today....

All ideas and images conceived by Lakshmi Arvind
Pl dont copy them or steal them

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