Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30.5.2011 rainy morning

Romantic rainy day morning
Rainy morning blues
wanting to stay in bed on rainy days
perfect time for a walk in the early morning
"Its not talking ,but walking that will take us to heaven"Mathew Henrry
golden sunlight,fallen flowers,a cup of tea,rain drops
a few shots from my morning walk in our garden..

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

First rain....

First rains and a cause of celebration for me .It rained throughout the night.A rainy,grey morning.The monsoons have started its course in the southern states.A light breeze which brings with it the smell of wet earth,green moss and rain,the smell of all my favourite things,it softly detonates your receptors and transports you into a woodland,remember having read somewhere,how true isnt it?the forests might have been covered in a mix of green and brown.Moss covered rocks,what a beautiful feel...wet ferns from the crevices of walls....how beautiful..the plumeria held on to its flowers without shedding them.I wish i could capture the sounds and smells of rain in each image...how nice
Reflections of a rainy day breakfast

moss covered tree trunk
wet ferns from crevices

roses and rainblue bells that fell in the woods

loving the light in the kitchen

images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my everyday world

Balancing the chaos of the everyday world
a little one and an older one;
summer vacations and summer homework
how rich and great the times are now?
my world in his closed fists,my 2 month year old
helping a catterpillar become a butterfly
thinking how high can butterflies fly?
does catterpillars have teeth?

orange flowers of the summer
the lovely light of summer in corners of my world
waiting for the monsoons to reach my village

loving succulents as much as never before
reading about baking with whole wheat grain flour
whole grains,everyday,every way
thinking about the individual flavors of the various flours
i am going to enjoy baking with them
i am loving the me time i used to get before..
the joys of solitude..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer afternoons

A languid atmosphere and a lazy breeze and a dreamy afternoon
some green mangoes plucked from our mango tree
books to pour over
Thinking of summer afternoons and some poems ....

A dreamy day; and tranquilly I lie
At anchor from all storms of mental strain;
With absent vision, gazing at the sky,
"Like one that hears it rain."

Off through the haze that dances in the shine
The warm sun showers in the open glade,
The forest lies, a silhouette design
Dimmed through and through with shade.

The twitter, sometimes, of a wayward bird
That checks the song abruptly at the sound,
And mildly, chiding echoes that have stirred,
Sink into silence, all the more profound.

And drowsily I hear the plaintive strain
Of some poor dove . . . Why, I can scarcely keep
My heavy eyelids--there it is again--
"Coo-coo!"--I mustn't--"Coo-coo!"--fall asleep!

James Whitcomb Riley

pl.Do not copy nor use images without prior permission

Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Photography:Watermelon Slushie

Bright colours for a brighter summer
pink,orange,blue,red,purple,green! anything. also...it has to be summery.
trying to capture the hues of summer colours in our life..
the red juicy fruit in mind?
like to bite a piece of red juicy sweet watermelon
dreaming of how tasty watermelonsoup with red summer berries and lime...would be ??
We combined pomegranate juice and watermelon and made a ruby red summer slushie.
2 cup(s) seedless watermelon
1/2 cup(s)pomegranate juice
1/2 cup(s)ice cubes

In blender combine watermelon,pomegranate juice and ice cubes.Blend until smooth.Pour into tall glass
Summers are for eating and drinking.,its vacation time...

looking into the tall glass and frothenjoying the light
see the difference in light patterns,its summer dearloving the water droplets,as they fall

All images copyright of Lakshmi Arvind.Please do not use on any site without prior permission.
Lots more on the series

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