Saturday, May 22, 2010

The sweetness of Summer..

In the busy moments of my world,I find the sweetness of summer,the sweet smell of summer,the vague sweetness made my heart ache,sweet old summer memories,memories that slumber beneath the daily lives,my heart wanders with the happy sunshine,summer blooms and my 50 mm lens magic
an all time favourite frangipani flowers,special moments of hindustani at home,learning more about photography,curtains flapping on the window,light streaks to the room,amazing shadows ,heavy fragrance of fresh sorbets at home,litchis overloading the streets,fresh mango lassis,summer camp brochures all over the house, anticipating the summer vacations,a quick weekend trip to upper Dehradun and lots more summer moments to come.

Images and Ideas Lakshmi Arvind.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Winter memories in summer

An unseasonably hot weather here
On the whole i prefer winter to summer
We are all under the weather here
Drinking ginger tea to warm the itchy throat
I am not always at my best on hot or humid days.
But the real truth is that I like to experince all the seasons
I love:
 I love the cool mornings that open up into warm afternoons in spring. 
I love the way autumn days close in as the sun recedes into an amber bloom. 
I love the carefree looseness of a summer’s day, especially by a good beach with fresh seafood for lunch. 
I love the briskness and clarity of a sunny winter dawn. And, truth be told, I also love being braced against a cold, grey winter’s evening 
Thoughts of cold grey winter days takes me to some  unshared stories of winter
a trip to jaipur,as it is the easiet weekend  trip that can be done from delhi...

We had been to jaipur a lot of times,each time seems as though this is the first..
We always stay in Arya Nivas,a old haveli whihc has been made into ahotel
winter seasonals in bloom 

love the balconies ,seatings and their long corridors full with floating petals..

Itinery Planning time

Chai time

brochures and travel guides,we have a whole lot of them..

floating petals in the window sills

my little ones little one ready for breakfast
each one has their choice..
we thought of revisiting Jaigarh fort once more..

from the jaigarh one can see the amber fort

from the najafgarh palace windows..

then we were off to sanganer to visit the pottery and blockprinting factory
saw them at work

shadows amused us..

off to the central museum..

a portarit of a rajsthani man ,he owns a camel
painted elephants,a scene from the jaipur streets..

Relaxing and feet up..

flowers see to be telling a story ,dont you all think...

The trip continued for two more days,where we roamed in the markets and done some purchases..
.bring you lots more later

Images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fruits of Summer..

Summer means a variety of fruits
Fruits are a delight
"Cold"watermelon is the most recommended fruit
I just ate peaches..fresh and juicy,little sour and little sweet..
What's your favourite summer fruit?
Start the morning with a sweet, juicy fruit at breakfast. 

Ripe summer fruits - 
Enjoy my collection of fruits,photographed at various corners in our home

Weekend blast with mangoes

Sunbasked peaches

                                                                  A single  melon

                                                   Mangoes and swing,eat and swing

                                                                      cold watermelon

                                                             coolness in summer

                                      Mangoes and dining chair ,a composition on its own

Enjoy  and do write back to me
images and ideas conceived by Lakshmi Arvind

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Enchanting solitary moments.....

*An indian summer incomplete without the flamboyant orange flowers of Gulmohar
*A composition in Vibrant orange,reds,greens and clever use of white spaces..
Dont you all think?

In Praise of Gulmohar Blossoms’ by 

What can rival your lovely hue
O gorgeous born of the spring?
The glimmering bridal of a red robe
Rich red of a wild bird’s wing
Or the mystic blade of the gem that burns
On the brow of a serpent king
What can rival the valiant joy
Of your dazzling fugitive sheen
The limpid clouds of the lustrous dawn
That colours the Ocean’s mien?
Or the blood that poured from a thousand breasts
To succour a Rajput queen

Sarojini Naidu

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