Thursday, February 25, 2010

of tea cups and better mornings...

*Perfect cup of tea...
*biscuits ,my favourite Marie..
*some left overs of the plum cake
*the smell of tulsi leaves,is it tulsi chai today or elaichi?
*making my little one drink milk:-)
*waiting for light to make its way in the corners
*my camera on" take" mode
*long walks in parks;
*Music in the morning
*some fresh flowers on the table
*flowers plucked fresh for god
*"coo" ing of doves at our windows
*Quick breakfasts 
**Its Morning hours,
*do pause and enjoy the sense of the day
  Have a good day!

a small compilation of the moods of different mornings.............
i take you all into my small world of "perfect teas and marie biscuits and fragrance and flowers".

i hope you all enjoyed this lovely journey,
pause and wait for more
do tell me how you enjoy your mornings..

Images and ideas conceived and photographed by LAkshmi Arvind
pl dont copy or steal

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me and My Floating Dreams....

Fragrance and Flowers floating takes me back to memories of childhood...
Wonderfully fond childhood memories.
Memories about my specially fond grandpa..
My Love for music,the only reason,my love,my grandmother..
Magical moments at home,my sister.. 
Stop and remember all old things  once ..

Time has a way of breaking up our memory into fragments of miniscule pieces.
Pieces so fragile and delicate that thy caught up in the winds of time and strewn along the path of life and eventually forgotten,...
Trying to capture and preserve them within confines of our mind becomes exceedingly impossible as time goes by, and slowly they begin to vanish for good...buried forever in the past...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hill trains and Shimla

We reached the summer capital of India, was a train journey that took us up hill.The uphill beauty couldnt be captured as the train was overcrowded and we literally had to stand throughout the journey.
Shimla is busier than it was in earlier days,with the International brands having their shops on the Mall Road,its become busier than a normal market.

We just wanted to stroll down the mall road,sit on the side benches in the mall road,some good food in some restaurant ,and some books from Minerva book house,these were the only things in mind when we thought of Shimla..

unending sky...
Shimla roads

railway bungalows
in the midst of the mall road..

Retiring bay...
Town hall,where children from some school were seated together

clock tower and church adjoining

lovley white windows
A store where u find old prints and maps,,

shops and shops everywhere
A bench where we sat hours

Lovely shop..we ate our lunch here
Biriyani,rice and Dal

Apple cake and chocolate cake

orange wall and pigeons and old house

In the honey hut,chcolate shake with honey,yummy

wow,cone icecream... 

Down hill and hill train...have tried to capture the various moods of the toy train journey..

The Historic  Barog station

Hope you all enjoyed the ride with me ,choooo....................
and on goes our travel like the train....
Fasten your seatbelts and travel with me ...
look forward to another journey...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to the Solan Valley

Travelling to hill stations and visiting new places other than the usual ones are one of our favourites. Travelling has been a way of life after our marriage. Discovering and learning and the exposure by means of travel is something you just cannot get in books...

We have been to Shimla a lot of times, the last time we went to the hills, we thought of staying at Solan and discovering the place. A trip to feel the the quaint blue railway stations, to take a long walk through the rail tunnels, to see the Barog railway station and a ride in the hill train to Shimla was all we wanted. Solan, we found to be a busy hill station with lots of fruit markets. There was a good connectivity of buses to all places from Solan. We made sure we went to see the orchards near the Horticultural University enroute Rajagiri and Barog and Shimla.
See Solan through my camera eyes....
Bougainvilleas outside our windows in the small hotel,Solan
Quaint corridors in the small hotel
something about the small passages in the small hotels

Lovely light and patterns
our room

my little one stretching among the rails,solan railway station
Father and daughter taking a walk among the tunnels,I am behind them...
the tunnel
Rails so close,i kept my ear close to them,just for fun..
place to stand, if by chance the train passes by, lots of people walking along the tracks..

feet fetish
this flower was found all over the horticultural University

Blue bells
pink or violet
feet fetish...

Wait for more in the next part...Shimla and hill trains to come your way.
Images by Lakshmi Arvind

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