Friday, October 19, 2012

the Fragrance

Its morning time.Its pujo time.The fragrance of the sheoli fills the home and mind these days.A handful after a morning walk,some on the lamps..Flowers necessarily need not be kept in vases.It  looks good otherwise too.
As i have read somewhere,the familiar sound of Dhak,Dhanuchi Nacch and the mild fragrance of the air,clear skies,blue clouds,red and whites ,lifes are blessed.I can feel the Pujo..The second last image got into the front page of flickr explore...I am blessed,yes an achievement of its own..

Don't you all think I am blessed?i found it near the tree...Never noticed them..
copyright:Lakshmi Arvind

Friday, October 5, 2012

these days..till now

A month and no posts.
Although it  sounds like a lot of time.I have been very much here,enjoying the Onam that went passed by,the rains in delhi ,the sunshine,the hills as always,the alarms that rang at six,the home works,my one year old..
Onam ..time the yummy payasams ,the banana leaf,the whole spread,the flowers..
It rained during Onam..but i loved it when it rained
Rains,Love and Memories:)-it rained in Jaipur too..when we went
The bouquet of sunshine on my balcony
The soft rolling  hills,the sea of  mists,the lakes,the whispering deodars,the cosmos,the fall and the fragrance of the hills..
The magical landscape and so much more to all of you...

Images and Ideas:Lakshmi Arvind
Please do ask permission before you use my images..
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