Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seasons Do Change and so do We?

Loving July,truly,as it gets ready to leave us.Some more days left to finish the month,How fast time flies?*Monsoons in Delhi*It rained against my windows,I had to get away,The Gulmohar branches swayed in the winds and kissed my windows,Some of them let their children play in the rain..Rains bring Nostalgia,Let it rain for Nostalgia sake.,Hariharan's Ghazal "Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka........"making me forget myself,The feel is amazing.....I would love to walk in the rains,walk down memory lane,Rolling thunder, splash of the waterChange is what we cherish,But do we really understand the changes we go through in our lives?Look out of the window pane near you.*Do you see life?*Do you see the seasons?*Are they changing?*Seeing the seasons in transition is a joy!Falling leaves on the ground outside,memories fill my mind,My heart beats,a familiar sound at home the sight of the fallen jack fruit leaves were a totally different one.Arranging them onto the garden bench,life's simplest pleasure and that made it to the flickr explore.,Jack fruit leaves into coasters,interesting,isnt it?Looking into the collection of pressed and dried old leaves ...I do quite realise that i am a memory girl,like the memory tree down the blue lake in my dreams.,*Meanings I couldnt find in days or years ahead.Rather, I find them in the 'now'.Enjoying the rains, browsing cookbooks...what else in life during vacations?Vacations got over so easily,My  maid runs away locking me inside the house,What fun!
*SEASONS of life will fascinate you, if you watch them closely.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks Shalini of "Of Travels and Travails" for giving me this Kreativ Blogger award!

I appreciate the gesture. Thanks again.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monsoon Romances

The fragrance of wet mud, rain drops sliding from leaf tops, a hot cup of tea and peanuts,collecting fallen plumerias fallen down,the yellow old leaves fallen from the trees,.. a perfect monsoon dream. ...Thinking of "My date" with raindrops,hot cuppa chai and the rest of monsoon magic........

Today when it rained it was the Jamuns which gave me company.A simple cover of the magazine with umbrellas intrigued me.*It was a bliss seeing the plumerias on the small centre table,the diffused light gave me a thrill.
The monsoons are in love with me .They have travelled with me all the way from South to the North India.I am now feeling at home and looking forward for a walk in the rain.
I close my eyes and can listen to my grandmas Soothing Rain ,Ragas "Amrutavarshini and Malhar " and her fairy tale stories.Its true , when Hanuman set Lanka on fire,the mighty Ravan played "Amrutavarshini "on his Veena to bring Rain.Rain must be falling on the old tiled roofs far South.I can imagine rain dripping from the palm leaves.The sea might have broken in a long line and slipped back on the beach where we used to play.Water standing in pools on the gravel path.Rain is pouring outside and theres Romance in mind.It poured and washed away my tears,Tears from the endless heaven of memories.
I think its raining there for all of you.Let the harmony of rain bind all of us.
Into each and every life some rain has to fall.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

From My Blossoming Hibiscus Garden ..

Thinking of the poem written by the great tagor ji..

.The storm clouds thickened in the sky ,thunder clouds clap the giant hands and the June showers came down.There were grey mornings of rain.Streams of diffused sunlight struggled into the mosaic tiled room.A gentle morning awash with palesunlight and promise;As I opened the windows ,I could see; the Hibiscus flower children dress out in their pink,white and reds and ranges.
They made me smile;
The winds started blowing ,bringing the crowds of flowers down.
When the rains comes down they have their holidays.

As poet Tagore says in his poem "Flowerschool":even i thought for a minute that they go to school underground.
Even i felt like asking my Amma,Do you know, mother, their home is in the sky, where the stars are.
Haven’t you seen how eager they are to get there?
Don’t you know why they are in such a hurry?
Of course, I can guess to whom they raise their arms; they have their mother as I have my own.
With its fragrance that can fill the innerself and the home with a lot of ‘calmness’and a ‘sense of peace’ there; it envelops you,the Hibiscus
Hisbiscus flowers,one of my most favourites..
The Red flower I see before me on my table may not be the same to you and me.
But do take time to enjoy them.....

Thinking of Rain,the eager garden awaits its promise

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sea,Sand and vacations

We are back after a vacation from Kerala.
A lovely vacation on the

sunblanched,sunkissed white sea shore.endless ,Irresistible beaches,incessant blue waves boisterously clamouring among white groves of coconuts just stop short and border the frills of the beach.waiting for each wave after wave after wave was fun.enjoying them on the feet.walking hand in hand.watching our little one holding her daddy's hand took me back to my childhood with my Dad.
 sat watching my little ones feet,thinking of the old times when my Mom would have sat watching at me.
making castles with my little one for the waves to carry them along....picking shells..
watching we start packing she says this is the last wave to be touched,the last one and the last one went on and on.....

*All were Cherished Moments
A time well spent reflecting on things that made us happy and calm.
Wait for some more beaches ......

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remembering those gorgeously colourful "Days"-Vacations...

Back in Delhi,away from the monsoons down South.Back in thoughts,a wistful desire to return in thought.Thoughts still bind me to the land of velvety carpet of brilliant green and sloping sunbaked roofs.
Lazy moments at home,call of my Amma, all left behind miles away.morning ragas sung by my grandma.
Children learning music and veena at home.Still missing the pale afternoon sunlight and thick rain clouds behind them and the rains throughout the night.Smell of wet earth.
Gusty winds blowing the gulmohar flowers off the trees,rains lashing our windows.Its too diffcult to set my mind on anything here,but i ought to ..
Am i crying?,Yeah,a drop or two in the eyes,let me wipe it unknowingly..
Have loads to share with you all.,
Do wait for me while I drag me from my Romantic thoughts.
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