Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tea Pot Cafe

A Visit to the Tea pot cafe and having endless cups of tea and pastries happened during the last summer vacations.But the post comes a bit late.

Tea Pot cafe is a delightful cafe on the main streets of Fort Kochi for tea lovers,a perfect and cosy nice little place for your afternoon tea: 15 different brands of Indian teas (they serve coffee as well), pastries and countless teapots as a design element.

Actually our search for an afternoon tea after walking through the streets of FortKochi led us to Tea pot cafe.We were led us to the mezzanine floor where we could actually see the beauty of the kettles hanging from the roof.

We had a really nice time at the Tea Pot Cafe.Just can't number the things we ate ,(because we ate too many things) but the tingling taste of the tea, still lingers on the tip of my tongue...eagerly looking forward for our next visit.


  1. Tea Time.......I love tea..its so refereshing..

  2. Such a cute's definitely a must for our next trip.


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