Thursday, December 16, 2010

the joy of december baking..

December,is for bakers
Celebrations in the air,
Ringing in the new ...
the fresh air,the chillness in the corners
cosy rajais, hot milk,snowflakes and so much more in this month
some flowering seasonals get planted in pots

cookies baked and loved by the family
On Wednesday, before they were all eaten, we had unseasonably good cold weather,
and the whole house was washed in that crazy gold light
it gave me the opportunity to photograph these cookies for you in their natural state,
Are the Christmas carols in air?
have the Santa started visiting us?
When will the christmas tree be put up?
Little one poses questions one after the other
this weekend the tree will have to come up..
may the spirit and colours of christmas brighten your life


  1. Beautiful photos and a great way to enjoy the festive season, Laksh.

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