Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Festival of memories

Its festival time. Durga puja pandals in all the parks, the fragrance of incense and dhoop everywhere and puja bhajans. Cacophony of children playing and screaming and aunties dressed in their best ...all sights to be seen and enjoyed..

Some images and some memories .. images which were taken a week before we came back to Delhi..It was still wet and raining those days. A journey to a nearby farm, and the tropical flowers that came home with me. The orchids that were cut and dipped in a tank of water gave the best images that it could never would have given me in a vase. The blue lotus .could not have looked more bluer. Inspired by Shalini and her Neem leaves. My dearest friend Shalini  from here who is always there for me. Its a blessing to have found her. The colocasias in the kitchen garden were taller than me, my morning tea got cold posing posing.....lovely memories ..true I am in love with them, the images and the memories Am I hugging them...yes I am ....

Image courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not copy nor steal


  1. Oh Laksh, you're so sweet! Lovely to see them here, since I no longer have a tree in my backyard. Really do miss that. What lovely memories of you time in Kerala. Love the shot of Gaya's hand in the water, it is her isn't it?

  2. How how can someone capture india so beautifully. Lovely is an understated word for your pictures. I saw them and realized how much i miss and long for india.

  3. i love the water lily photo!! so pretty :)


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