Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sufi to Inspire your Life

I have heard about Sufi and Rumi and i have heard sufi music,but this was the first time i sat to read.
I sat to read in Ahmedabad when we were at the "Arts Reverie"
A journey into the world of dreams,love far and beyond

i could feel the beauty of love and pain within..
I loved the writings,the quotes and the colours and language,it drawings show the complexities of mind and when you look within you seem to be drawn into them...
beautiful is the word i can say...
do read ..
i think i need to buy a book on Rumi now..
on my list..

lakshmi arvind


  1. The pictures just stole my heart.I have a CD with sufiana music (at my mom's place).. they do reveal the love and pain of love at the same time..!

  2. I do enjoy sufi music too. Lovely pictures.


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