Friday, July 20, 2012

Frozen frames

How much I love my village, don't you all know? How much I want to get settled down in a village..people close to me know that too..away from the hustle and bustle of the fast city life..having seen many cities in my life, lived in many cities, I always want to come down to a village, where time stands still, you then see the time rolling, the sun setting, the evening lamps lit in the courtyards, the Ramayan being read aloud on the verandah.. and the beauty that surrounds me that reminds me of the phone call from my Amma telling me that its the month of Ramayana and they are going to read it in a day at the sacred grove starting from the sunrise of a day to the sunrise of the other day. How incredible the rituals are still followed with sanctity. I love them for what they are .

Influenced highly by the villages where our grandparents belong...there isnt a day that I don't remember them and our much I love much.

Frames of  my village, memories down the lane frozen in time..Some time spent during the summers where the life is best! The green colocasias rolled their head when photographed, the violet guavas, the fallen and dried leaves on the village paths..ferns overgrown and so much more ..

Its the same every year, nothing much changes here..

images and ideas Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not copy or steal images.


  1. Your rain drenched photos have inspired me to do a post too. Keep inspiring!

  2. Its very nice Lakshmi...Yes its our luck to live in a place where we had born and spend our childhood. Wishing you a nice day and nice thoughts...

  3. Beautiful. Lush and green and comforting. Glad I stumbled here this morning!

  4. Loving the pictures of the village, I myself went to one, but Russian:) Same feeling - life stands still here, however it makes me sad.
    Have a nice day!

  5. sexy blob ilove pics thinkio photographier


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