Friday, October 19, 2012

the Fragrance

Its morning time.Its pujo time.The fragrance of the sheoli fills the home and mind these days.A handful after a morning walk,some on the lamps..Flowers necessarily need not be kept in vases.It  looks good otherwise too.
As i have read somewhere,the familiar sound of Dhak,Dhanuchi Nacch and the mild fragrance of the air,clear skies,blue clouds,red and whites ,lifes are blessed.I can feel the Pujo..The second last image got into the front page of flickr explore...I am blessed,yes an achievement of its own..

Don't you all think I am blessed?i found it near the tree...Never noticed them..
copyright:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. what utter joy!

    the pictures are beautiful and your thoughts endearing!

  2. Beautiful...u r indeed blessed. Just count your blessings and you'd be surprised...
    Loved the snaps. Could almost smell the Parijats...Happy Pujo

  3. preetyy pictures!!


  4. Such beautiful pictures and the sheuli phool have never looked so beautifully captivating.can smell the fragrance in the air.:) .


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