Monday, August 5, 2013

it rained in Fort Kochi...

Every year at Fort Kochi,the monsoon season
I loved the rains of Fort kind of rain..
sometimes it just rained on and on...without a stop
it drizzled too
i sat here,looking down..
the many mornings that i enjoyed...
and those walk along those narrow lanes
The rainy blues and the rains of kochi that haunts me in my sleep,the rain that makes me dream.
The chai on the wet window sill,the chai and plumerias on the walks,i saw the moments that swelled before the rains and their after moments..the coral  vines  and the wet walls

Images and Ideas copyright::Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Lovely captures. In such a weather all one wants is a hot cuppa chai and to sit by the window enjoying the beautiful world passing by!

  2. love this photo-journey Lakshmi..

  3. Fantastic pictures, you make me wish to greb my bag and fly to Cochi...

  4. Hi Lakshmi! Interesting blog. Beautiful pictures. I like gardening. I invite you to visit my blog. We can share a lot of things each other. Thank you
    Endah- Indonesia

  5. hi all..thanks you loved the post..
    blandina:come down to kochi
    endah:will surely visit.


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