Monday, June 8, 2009

The Feel of Being at Home:)-

At home finally.,Love being at home.Loving the old mosaic tiling at home.
The fragrance of the Hibiscus,Mandaram(Kanchan),Starjasmines and Jasmines fill the rooms.The fragrance of flowers all diffused around.Home grown Mangoes,coconuts,guavas and cherries in plenty.Ringing of bells from the poojaroom.Still the same brand of Agrabatti(Cycle brand),even if others have been tried and tested.Simply in love with the sunbeams filling the rooms.
Moms old steel tumblers in which chai is served,we used to have the same ones since childhood,since i remember,years have passed by.,Mom running around busily and my little one running after her.
Moms special breakfast menu and evening snacks.Love always the scooter of my Dad,he has not had enough of his Bajaj.Aroma of the cooking in coconut oil.Loving the home made shampoos with Hibiscus leaves.Who doesnt love being at home,am I right?Being within the comfort of your home.....The touch,the smell,the sound and the feel are amazing.A sense of calm always prevailed ,when being at home.
While I enjoy my time at home, will you keep thinking and writing of your experiences at home?


  1. Now you made me miss my home... !!!

    Although I live in Indore since 2 years... I havent been able to relate yet... Home is still where Mom is... in Bharuch... dont make me so nostalgic... I dont go there till August...

  2. Love all the pics above.. And love the way you've explained home.. *HUUMMMMM* its got me thinking... what home really means to me!! I've lived forever away from my home country.. and have always lived with my mom/dad.. so I guess home is where I am now???!!! Isnt it? Where my heart is!!!

  3. Thanks hitchwriter and Patricia for your lovely comments.Patricia you are right.Home is where your heart is and heart is where your parents are.A longing to go back to them is always there wherever you live,away from them.The feel ,the touch and the warmth is amazing at home with parents.

  4. Lovely already missing home. You are right nepsi, home is where the heart is...where the people whom we can call our own are...home is where we feel completely at peace, it is where nothing seems out of place. You have explained those familiar sights, the aromas, the tastes and the spaces so well that I feel like rushing down south right NOW....

  5. Beautiful post, Lakshmi! Home is such an all-encompassing word and I simply love the feeling I get in my heart when I am there.


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