Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rainy season-Romantic and Magical-Monsoons!

Monsoons have its own Magnetic charm.Monsoons are magical days.The romantic and vibrant season starts here.Monsoons are a part and parcel of the state.Days are dull and cloudy.
Sun plays hide and seek with us.We enjoy the long shadows in the late evening.I wait for the long shadows and take loads of pictures.Aroma of rich Brew Coffee from the Kitchen.We wait for the evening snacks to be kept on the table.Listening to the all time hot Radio Mirchi FM 98.4 .A Rain songs special episode coming up in FM....My little one learning to make paperboats from her grandpa.She jumps into the rains and gets wet when nobody is noticing.
Sparkling raindrops lingering on the flowers,the lightness in air and the fresh smell of the earth.Love watching the rains falling through the boughs of coconut palms.Makes one nostalgic ,memories flooded back.
I think of the days and yet to research on the correlation between " the first day of the school and the first heavy downpour of the season"Rain meant cool nights,scary winds that whistle through the night and drainage channels full in glory.We visited DC books store and TDC bookstore and purchased Jhumpa Lahiri's "Unaccustomed Earth"Watched the rain from inside the car at night.Drive in the car in rains is beautiful and also scary.Wonderful and amazed at the backwaters and the monsoons arriving on it.
I can hear Amma calling....
I am off to relish the home made snack of crispdosas and the coconut chutney and the tea that comes with it..


  1. Oh my!!! How I miss the rains... I love the pictures & the writting... I can smell the dosa & the coconut chutney... & hear the rain... :-(

    *sigh!* if only!!

  2. Thanks Patricia.I am glad you liked them and the rains.

  3. Beautiful, that all I could say. We are praying the rain Gods for the monsoon seems to have forgotton its usual path.

  4. your blog is indeed a celebration.
    thank you for stopping by.

  5. Thanks Subramaniam and Megha for all your lovely comments.

  6. Love the rains- we are visiting India in July and I can't wait to walk in the rain! The pictures are beautiful.

  7. Thanks Aditi,A Warm Welcome to my blog.Its nice to hear comments from experienced bloggers.Happy to hear that you loved the images.Visiting India,during rains.Simply nice dear.India is beautiful in rains .Do have a nice walk.I appreciate your thought.

  8. Wowwww!!!!!!!1
    I loved the pics and the words :)
    seems to come from a person who can see and feel beauty around :)
    I too love the rain, whenever it rains, I would dance, run out to feel the water, and come back and have pakodas or samosas with adrak wali chai :)...ah haaa haaa

    Thanks so much for the lovely words on my blog...I really felt very happy reading ur comment. It means a lot :)

  9. Hey - thanks for stopping by. Always looking to meet like minded individual - I love the rain a lot to - so much so that I named my Daughter Meghana :)

    Is the 5th picture of dried cashew leaves?

    great picture and great write up.

  10. What a wonderful way to celebrate the rains!

  11. Hi Lakshmi. It's always a great feeling to 'meet' new people through blogs. Thanks for visiting my blog. The pics on your blog are lovely and indeed celebrate the simple pleasures of life. Will surely come back for more :)

  12. Hi Lakshmi. It's always a great feeling to 'meet' new people through blogs. Thanks for visiting my blog. The pics on your blog are lovely and indeed celebrate the simple pleasures of life. Will surely come back for more :)

  13. Hi there - I relaxed seeing these reflective and well-shot photos.

    And I too love love love rain. (Especially in a hot place)

    Thanks for the visit!

  14. Thanks all my dear and lovely friends who came to appreciate me and encourage me and loving my blog and images.
    Thanks Tanu,Thanks Pink dogwood,Thanks Shalini ,Thanks Bhumika,Thanks shireena for your lovely comments.I am sure you all will love the coming posts too.will wait for your comments

  15. Pink dogwood-They are dried Acacia leaves.Meghana is a lovely name.I am in love with rain.Anywhere in rain i m there....

  16. beautiful pics and fitting words..! fills u up with the magical feel of rains..

    i had written a poem on rains last monsoon..herez the link, u might like to check it out ~

    this year we're still waiting for the rains..!

  17. Beautifully evocative photos, Lakshmi. And I thoroughly enjoyed the heartfelt, lyrical text.
    I'm a monsoon maniac too. Cant you feel your senses zing when dark clouds move in and cool breezes gust through the trees? I love it when it rains!
    I wonder whether I have peacock blood running through my veins...

  18. Hi Patricia, What a wonderful load of pics and the saga and the feel of every pic reminds me of my childhood days when all of us 5 brothers and sis enveloped ourselves in the rain and mud of our kitchen garden and then our mother used to cook hot veg-cutlets with sausages and coffee. Marvellous effort to capture nature in its purest form.


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