Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Enchanting solitary moments.....

*An indian summer incomplete without the flamboyant orange flowers of Gulmohar
*A composition in Vibrant orange,reds,greens and clever use of white spaces..
Dont you all think?

In Praise of Gulmohar Blossoms’ by 

What can rival your lovely hue
O gorgeous born of the spring?
The glimmering bridal of a red robe
Rich red of a wild bird’s wing
Or the mystic blade of the gem that burns
On the brow of a serpent king
What can rival the valiant joy
Of your dazzling fugitive sheen
The limpid clouds of the lustrous dawn
That colours the Ocean’s mien?
Or the blood that poured from a thousand breasts
To succour a Rajput queen

Sarojini Naidu


  1. Do you realize there is so much poetry in your photography?

  2. ya true,so much poetry in ur snaps.i envy envy envy you!plz take me to ur home once :-)

  3. I love your post..your are very artistic it seems


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