Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summers and Morning Ragas : .....

Early morning rises,Morning ragas and Genda phool,Crisp,warming hues of the unwinding ragas,Ragas which radiates an aura of peace and the feeling of summer,a Musical quest in the morning

Absorb the tranquil and melodic atmosphere...of the summers,Falling like summer rain in the morning,Absolute radiance of the genda or warmth of the hibiscus...

Summer vacations,summer schools and summer camps...Missing school times or busy playing?Shade on those summer afternoons,Jasmine scented evening of summers,....The world best photos in Summer,don't you all agree?

Think of the diference between a typical summer evening as opposed to an autumn evening...


  1. Beautiful moments you have have picturized. Came thro MD's blog

  2. Thanks Monsoon Dreams and Maddy for the lovely comments.

  3. Love marigolds. The other day a friend saw my small genda flowers and said they apparently keep mosquitoes away!

  4. Oh my.. Laksh.. the marigolds are soooo goregous.. I havent seen one for ages.. and am sooooo pleased to see them here... Please.. plese.. send me one..

  5. Thanks Pree and Pat,definitely going to come your way pat


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