Monday, September 27, 2010

the scents.... the seasons...

the cotton curtains fluttering in the wind as if they are dancing to the tunes of a rainfall.
i love rainy mornings.,

the envelope of comfort the rainy mornings give you is immense and the sound of the rain,
rains are giving way for the mellow autumn.
A dusky light entering the living room ..

Its been some days since its rained here.
my mind still revolves around the raindrops still falling steadily.
some dried flowers and leaves show me how much i love them still.,.,
the season of joy and cheer and scents...
they seem to have been from the last autumn......

i am looking forward to the season change for,
baking in something with figs from the market..
waiting for the boutiful greens from the garden..
to spent a lot of time under those same blankets and in the kitchen.
listening to my favourite songs and concocting new recipes to share with both my family... and you.
cook a stew with potatoes and onion and curry leaf, to fill your home with the scents of the season...
I cant think of all the scents of Autumn,but you probably have a favourite too?

love the dusky light in my living room,the warmth,love itgulmohar petal driedbougainvillea fragrance the crushed feel..a neem leaf driedroses and roses driedopening a book and finding this ,brings a smile and a tea to accompany ...

peepal leafjackfruit leaf from home,last seasons..

Enjoy the season...

All images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not save nor copy images from the site


  1. nice one..lakshmi...the first pic makes me wanting to come to your living now

  2. wow! I always mean to press leaves but never do!!

    a lovely post and a beautiful masthead :)

  3. wow!! wow!! Simply gorgeous pics.. Laksh!! Loved your leaf collection.. wow!

  4. I love the composition and light in your photographs!

  5. Lovely, inspiring post Lakshmi! I loved the pressed leaves. How nice to carry over the seasons:)


  6. Thanks for the lovely comments and appreciation .Thanks for loving the post my friends.

  7. Fantastic shots. I love opening a book and finding pressed leaves and flowers too!

  8. Lovely pics !I love pressed leaves too .. what book are you reading,btw?

  9. Speechless... I am left with this post...! A true nature lover hides inside you..! Botany and love for plants.. Amen..! Hugs and Love


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