Monday, September 13, 2010

My Own Monsoons.....

the drops just fell on my face,i just shook them after the photo was taken,that feel....
i gazed and gazed to see how delicately and differently the almighty made this flower..
it just fell and fell from the mangalore tiled roofs....splashed everywhere
it was all over the amaranthus plant
hey the little one is going to fall,can you catch,got wet in the rains,drooping heads ....
its all wet
the last drop,can you all see the whole world?
these were plucked fresh from rains,some fell down too...
its tea time...the three of us

In the Rains of Love...
Trying to capture every possible droplet of rain that fell down...
My love towards Malayalam Literature has always drawn me closer towards the love for Rains
Malayalam literature gracefully illustrates the vivacity of monsoons
I love anything that comes with rain,even a simple name:)-
"Butterflies in the Spraying Rain",a translation of a film name that has been watched umpteen number of times.
Dont you all love this name?
Nothing covers Kerala better than Rains,isnt it?
It rained when at home , heavily and elegantly in both with cascading impact drawing even the dry hearts to the niceties of life.
Still my mind is rich with drops of rain from down South...
Hey its raining for you....all...

all images by Lakshmi Arvind,pl dont copy nor save images from the site.


  1. Wow!!!! Amazing snaps...I could have said this to you directly too tomorrow morning. But when I saw the 'driping-fresh' snaps I thought I should be the first one to comment on this post.
    Just loved the way you wrote about 'our' rain...Can't imagine Kerala without the monsoons...

  2. Laksmi, awesome shots!! I can imagine the raindrops falling from the branches and the roof making tip-tip noise!! Your photos transfered me to entirely different place:)

  3. chechi..amazing snaps..i second that...i just love the rain droplets on the fresh flowers and leaves...anybody seeing this will just love the rains!!!

  4. loved the pictures! so in tune with what I see and feel at my home in Kerala. Though I need to wait for dipping air fares to visit these days. sigh!! I do have similar snaps in my blog, do check them out if you're in the mood for more nostalgia. :)

  5. the last one seems to be the best one :P


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