Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Morning at my Garden

The day dawns in softness and that gradually evolves into brightness in the sunny side of the garden.
A morning cup of tea and the camera.,

A keen awareness of the activity stirring around me begins to fill my senses.
And from this calm, sunlight streaking through the dawn, the gentle sounds of buzzing and fluttering begin to break the silence.
in a delightfully, familiar sort of way.
Fluttering and the tweet tweets of the love birds at home,greenery of the betel leaves ,the fallen flowers and leaves,an experience in its own....
The garden that shared my childhood and its memories
Fairly tropical in feel,my moms carefully tended garden,bonsais as old as us.,...
I am thankful for the gift of this small reminder to slow down and absorb the essence of every experience in this place.

I'm at once wholeheartedly aware once again ~~this is where I belong. This is MY moms garden.

Finally the tea rests under the pentas flowers...,on the garden path..
I am enjoying the pampering and love at home,will be here down south for a while.....


  1. All the pics are beautiful but i love the first three the most.

  2. I love the first three shots too...the light is magnificent! So glad to see that you're enjoying your time at home!

  3. hi chechi ...amazing shots especially the one in which lights falls on the garden path..i just love the rays of light...hope u r keeping gud....take care

  4. Thanks for all your comments.
    Dr shalini..I am fine here and and keeping good.hope to see u soon.hope you are enjoying delhi...

  5. Hi Lakshmi...Congratulations on your wonderful blog....I chanced upon it a few months ago and loved it....I could see in you my reflections!....then i raced to view your profile....Yes.. I got it....I am also a love with flowers...I am an artist love with colours.....and shades of are gifted with good photographic and writing simple yet strong.....everyword is packed with an impact!would like to keep in touch....Thanks
    Nirupama Ramesh


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