Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer afternoons

A languid atmosphere and a lazy breeze and a dreamy afternoon
some green mangoes plucked from our mango tree
books to pour over
Thinking of summer afternoons and some poems ....

A dreamy day; and tranquilly I lie
At anchor from all storms of mental strain;
With absent vision, gazing at the sky,
"Like one that hears it rain."

Off through the haze that dances in the shine
The warm sun showers in the open glade,
The forest lies, a silhouette design
Dimmed through and through with shade.

The twitter, sometimes, of a wayward bird
That checks the song abruptly at the sound,
And mildly, chiding echoes that have stirred,
Sink into silence, all the more profound.

And drowsily I hear the plaintive strain
Of some poor dove . . . Why, I can scarcely keep
My heavy eyelids--there it is again--
"Coo-coo!"--I mustn't--"Coo-coo!"--fall asleep!

James Whitcomb Riley

pl.Do not copy nor use images without prior permission


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