Saturday, May 28, 2011

First rain....

First rains and a cause of celebration for me .It rained throughout the night.A rainy,grey morning.The monsoons have started its course in the southern states.A light breeze which brings with it the smell of wet earth,green moss and rain,the smell of all my favourite things,it softly detonates your receptors and transports you into a woodland,remember having read somewhere,how true isnt it?the forests might have been covered in a mix of green and brown.Moss covered rocks,what a beautiful feel...wet ferns from the crevices of beautiful..the plumeria held on to its flowers without shedding them.I wish i could capture the sounds and smells of rain in each nice
Reflections of a rainy day breakfast

moss covered tree trunk
wet ferns from crevices

roses and rainblue bells that fell in the woods

loving the light in the kitchen

images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. You have captured the rainy weather so beautifully Lakshmi:) Love that puttu breakfast too:) Your photographs tell such a wonderful story.

  2. lovely shots.

    U make different types of "puttu"
    puttum mutta kariyum . kothi varunnu

  3. Lovely captures! Happy Monsoon! We'r waiting for the rains to arrive here!! :)

  4. Happy monsoons, lady! Lovely pictures....

  5. First Rain - my first love - I wish these pics could capture the smell of the first rain as well, lovely pics as always Laxmi.


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