Thursday, June 9, 2011

in the morning tea time

its been raining for hours now
heavenly morning with cool air and rain with a cup of tea
plants in big spice jars at home
an old chair and shadows
but;my tea is gone cold
morning tea in the bed while I listen to rain
morning rain clouds up at my window
clouds chase the shadows isnt it?
sit a while and listen to the rain or get soaked in the rains..
its raining when i am writing ...
i am sure to get shouts from amma if i get wet in rains,
but;are u all joining me,i am going to get wet..for sure

Images courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind.
pl do not steal nor copy images


  1. Really i enjoy seeing your photos.I like the way which u photograph the things around u in a very beautiful manner.

    Keep posting... :)

  2. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing, I hope you enjoyed the rain!!!

  3. Some really great photos here. I have only just stumbled across your blog but find it very interesting. Great blog, really enjoyed reading it. Have bookmarked you and will check back regular. Please feel free to take a look at my blogs...

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  4. Tea is a special part of my life..You have given it a diff nuance with your superb photography...Amazing TeePics..!


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