Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before the harvest....

Childhood memories ringing and swinging, amidst the family, the excitement once again, collecting flowers, laughter and gossips..
Fond memories of Onam time
Remembering all that I could
A few fun and lovely moments captured at home a day before the Onam.
Flower patterns from ..fallen and plucked flowers
Bougainvilleas, I never imagined fuchsias and oranges could make the rainy days brighter
My little one finally reached to the flowers and then u might have guessed what remained of them.

God bless us all.. My daughter's effort at painting Lord Ganesha.

Anklets that tugged at my heart..

There he goes..

Images and Ideas by Lakshmi Arvind, Gayatri Arvind. Please do not copy nor steal these images.


  1. the pictures are lovely.

    nice to see J growing up so fast (it always seem) and hope you had a lovely Onam :)

  2. Oh so sweet to see little J's hands and feet playing with the flowers!

  3. such lovely colored images.Orange and fuschia is such a glorious combination!Beautiful painting of GAnesha by your daughter.God bless you all.

  4. soooooooooo cute!! Love the Ganeshji drawn by your little one.. And that little hand and anklet.. aaaawwww... so super cute!! :-)

  5. Love the shot of your child's cute lil feet and anklets.. they signify so much


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