Friday, September 16, 2011

The Festival of Prosperity and Virtue

And then came Onam..the day has been great with fun and frolic at home. A paisley pattern with some hand plucked fragrance..My thoughts wandered around our villages, along the fields, the small narrow alleys of my village. The white sands of my village, the fragrance of the hand plucked onam flowers still linger on. Memories fresh of the floral patterns drawn by my Dad ..Those were the  times we literally fought for the swing; those 10 days of Onam holidays, the days at our grandmas house.. I so much miss being there and each year I wish I was there..

The Onam feasts which lasted for nearly 3 or 4 days at home down south...the yearly reunion of the family and colourful editions of news papers and magazines and so on and much more..

As I sit to write I go further and further deep in thoughts, some lovely Onam thoughts...which my children  miss these days.

Images and Ideas conceived By Lakshmi Arvind
Please do not copy or steal images.


  1. Lovely thoughts Laksh! and aren't those the best times of our lives - these festival holidays with the grand parents and all those family re-uniions. Too sad that our kids do not get the same experiences

  2. Nice post Lakshmi. Makes me hungry :) esp the way everything is set for the meal....the containers, the banana leaf Indian.

  3. Fabulous post!!!have seen these pics on your FB page as well.. cannot get enough of them!!! so beautiful!!!!

  4. Oh gosh!! How stunning.. What lovely thoughts.. and gorgeous flowers and pics to go with it.. The Sandhya looks awesome!! :-)

  5. WoW..Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

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