Sunday, December 18, 2011

these wintery days....

The weather is chill these days and we have been enjoying it in the comfort of the home.The morning teas ,the rajais and warm sun in the terrace and the subtle light that descends into the living room.Even in the chillness,I open the balcony to invite the light in.I usually go on a late morning walk and bring back the blue flowers.The blues that filled the urulis and the evening glow in the balcony and the chillness is on its way back..

the winterlist of holidays...
tea and the cacti

the subtle december light
Waking up from an afternoon nap and this is what i saw..wonderful

Pure magic

 Image Courtesy:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Gorgeous shots Laksh, love them all. The light is magical in all of them and kudos on seeing it all so well.

  2. I can almost feel the cold, your photos, the play of light on them are amazing as usual Lakshmi:)


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