Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ahmedabad that charmed us !

                              A trip to Ahmedabad and that amused and delighted us in various ways... more here

the old burnished feel,the fragrance as you walk down
the various name boards
the gujarati language

their love for the pink roses,
the antique love
lipsmacking food at house of MG,Ahmedabad
homely food at Arts Reverie,where we stayed

the peek into the flooring

the teas and the books that had been devoured

betel leaves in a small gujarati pot
the very minute you by pass in your everyday life,that amused and still keeps us very amused.Back with more....

all images and ideas,Lakshmi Arvind
pl do not copy or steal..


  1. I am from ahmedabad and your pictures surely make me nostalgic. The flowers reminds me of my home, have a look at this post :)

  2. wao lovely snaps..I love ahmedabad..the culture ...the variety of snacks and the lovely people.

    Visit me for some updates on various arts of India and Interiors.

  3. Lovely pics and so impressive that you manage to travel so much with the little one.

  4. Love madhumalti flowers--that picture alone was sufficient to bring a smile to my face.

    Love this series of travel posts.

  5. Important Flowers to your loved one on any of the above special occasion.


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