Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Days

The special days in December,my tree with lots of  red and a dashes of gold.The cakes that we baked and  tasted and the teas that we enjoyed.The last few days of December hanging out  near Our Christmas tree..It is still not packed:)-

i remember the Lyrics of December days..
"December days pass my way
Dawn meets dusk when i get up
Snowy streets under my feet
The street lamp's glow
Its the only sun I know
I dont even recall
The smell of summer
Pictures on my wall wont bring me
That smell of summer
December days I'm betrayed
Santa claus never came
I made my wishes
I was so good
But i never really Understood
That smell of Summer

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Images:Lakshmi Arvind


  1. Such good memories:) Happy New Year Lakshmi!

  2. yummy yum! I feel like coming over right now!

  3. Cant get enough of the pics...i m inviting myself over dear :)

  4. though; it's still promising that summer is in the near future and not in our past. i enjoyed it. thanks for sharing.


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