Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shalini ,Elisha and lots of light

Last thursday I met up with my dear friend Shalini and Elisha(is an adorable doll) whom I haven't seen since last winter.The relationship with Shalini has matured over time and years and seasons and I am so grateful for having a friend like her.Meetings with her always resulted in moments that inspired us,and we enjoyed the simple moments of life.I have always experienced the happiness from her,the inspiration which she brings from within,the opportunity to share the life's experiences and what not!At any point of time,it feels good to be with her.The conversations are picked up from where we stopped earlier..might be months before,always informal,the relaxed way,the simplicity of the conversations,and clicking all the way..celebrations of life in a way.Glimpses at her home 
shadows at her lovely home

her mom in law

with elisha and the balloona

the shadows in which elisha had made her play area


  1. lovely post Laksh...Shalini is one of the blogger i follow her passion for writing and photography

    i have always wondered how the blogger we seem to know without even meeting woulld be when we get to see them...must be a lovely feeling...thanks to blogging i have made dear friends and hope to meet them some day...

  2. Oh, thanks so much Laksh. I echo what you's always so lovely to see you...and so relaxed, as if we've known each other forever. I love all the photos....especially of Elisha's hands with her new toys and of my bag and camera.

    Looking forward to more such sessions!

  3. what a lovely ode to time spent with friends - can imagine how dear it must be to the both of you :)

    lucky you laksh! got to see little E :D

  4. lovely

    Dora's Unique Touch

  5. thanks friends,looking forward to more meetings with shalini..

  6. I just love the way you observe the simple things in life.. and make them look beautiful..

  7. Somehow I missed this post. Lovely images :-) I remeber that picture :-)


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