Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Muktheswar..Pristine beauty

The land of Pristine Beauty..,of fresh air,flowers and terraced fields
It sits higher and the journey through the terraced fields and winding roads where breathtaking..scenic beauty at its maximum.
Just felt fortunate enough to reach there ,just got immersed in the blues of muktheswar:)-

a valley and a hill..

interesting names on the way

terraces fields and beauty

winding roads and deodars
of mountains and windows

mountain flowers

of beautiful clouds and silhouettes


of yellow flowers,temples and bells

edge of the ridge home..beautiful

ringing bells

of terraced fields

never knew it was so much beautiful:)-

captured in my mind



this is muktheswar..

the blue home

human hospital,coz there is an animal hospital nearby

blue skies and chimneys

yellow flowers

post office and old bungalow converted

green and locked

old and aged


Images and Ideas Lakshmi Arvind
please do not copy nor save images
ask for permission before you steal


  1. I'ts beautiful... you captured such moments and things which make us feel we were there too.


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