Friday, January 30, 2015

the New Year,the New light!

Sometimes u feel like talking and sometimes you feel like writing.Hope 2015 is keeping you all safe in its arms.

The last month of 2014 had taken us for a roller coaster ride with about of winter flu ,cough and cold and sinusitis and vertigo taking the major share :)-The moments were enjoyed nevertheless,by putting the christmas tree was up and the ornaments for the Santaclaus to make his way into our home:)-

Delhi in the winters  is a muse for poetry and metaphor for romance.As on ode to the long awaited first winter rains there were  Kale flowers to go with it.In the midst of all this there were new dreams,new hopes,new home and new light. I saw the gradual transition from dissipated light to more direct rays and patterns of the sun  inside the homes.The sun kissed mosaics now  give my images life more than anything i would love.

All images and ideas:Lakshmi Arvind copyrighted
please dont use it without permission


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