Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Laburnum Blooms and the Arrival of Vishu!

 The splendid sight of the Laburnum tree at home in Kerala,fully bloomed was a gorgeous sight.But I remember with fondness a laburnum tree,at our home,which was cut down later because the inner wood was becoming hollow by some insect eating it out.Even the last vishu before it was cut,it used to flower.We used to have a swing around its arms.The old laburnum which was around 50-60 years,who rocked us in its arms,is no more.Its refreshing to think and dig memories and also feel lonely when we have actually walk down memory lanes.

Vishu has always been a much awaited day in my life since childhood.I still do hope the days come back to me once again.So much do I hold my memories close to my heart.Do remember helping my grandfather to clean the pooja room,and helping him to set up the Kani or the auspicious omen that is set up the previous night .It includes fruits, the indispensable laburnum flowers called kani konna', vegetables, jewellery, kodi vastram (new clothes), all spread in a bronze vessel (Uruli).A Typical Vishu day starts with my mom waking up all of us and reminding us ‘not to open our eyes’ (funny it might sound to those who’ve never celebrated Vishu).We are led to the Puja room with our eyes closed. And then, the opulence of the Kanni is silently revealed to us. As our eyes take their time to adjust to the radiance of the oil-lamp lit kanni, The elders give money as a token of good fortune….the only day when kids are legitimately showered with cash. This is followed by a sumptuous lunch. The food used to be heavenly prepared by my grandma,mom and aunties together.There used to be the typical Kerala sadya with two kinds of Payasam(Kheer) and then it was day full of stories to be heard,movies to be seen,games to be played and it was fun.

As the Kanikonna around our house have just bloomed ,it seems to me that its only nearing Vishu.I waited for them to bloom so that i can enjoy the new year with those pretty ones.

Laburnums are in a mood of silent indignant protest these days and refuse to flower timely.All changed in the development gone wrong ,recent changes in the global warming ,or the shifts in nature and yet we conveniently leave them unnoticed.The rainbow month ,sudden spring time showers and flowers are in full bloom, and the mercury is shooting up. The day is bright with golden rods of Laburnums and lots of pretty flowers.The delicious chill of the early morning is but a memory, and the days are blindingly hot. But what a profusion of flowers!


Sitting Miles away in this scorching hot weather ,memories like this drop you years down the lane, make you refreshed and leave you there,with eyes full of tears and an yearning to see all loved ones.........By the time i wipe my tears you enjoy Vishu and Laburnums.


  1. lovely pics... the diya's make for exotic viewing !!!

    Vishu post is a bit late, Happy vishu anyways ! :)

    I am back from my vacation ! and back to being the first to comment on blogs !!!

  2. Thanks hitchwriter,i could have posted the vishu snaps on time,but i waited for the laburnums to bloom near my house:-)

  3. Lakshmi... happy vishu... Your diyas are lovely.. (all of them).. The pics are even more beautiful.

    This post is so nice... It makes you feel happy about Spring!

  4. Fabulous post Lakshmi! So interesting reading about your connection of the two and how you celebrate Vishu. We have a huge laburnum tree opp my parents home....I wonder if it flowering now, but yes here in Delhi their show is missing.

  5. Thanks Patricia for your warm comments
    Shalini dear:thanks dear, As always u are too generous with me .Delhi is fuly bloom with these flowers.Our campus has got 4-5 big trees.I actually waited for them to bloom to put my vishu posts,coz vishu without the images of laburnums is nothing gr8 to enjoy.Look around u will see Laburnums.Come to gate no 2 of Mandakini,u will see laburnums in bloom.

  6. Lol, and I was out today and saw lots of them blooming on the BRT road, near GK I. I've been hiding from the heat indoors too long ;-)

  7. I wish I had discovered your blog earlier and asked you where I could go to find Dandelions! (needed them for my photoshoot). But anyways, lovely blogs- both of them, and I'll be back to read more.

  8. Good work!
    Got to see laburnums after a long time.
    Feeling homesick .. [:(]

  9. Thanks Anaka,welcome to my blog.I am glad that you liked both of them.Please do drop in and will wait for your comments.
    Thanks Pradeep,thanks for the lovely when are you going home my dear?


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