Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Summer Morning,potting and repotting

Don't you all dream of Tulips on your windowsill and Peppers on your rooftop?I do dream of them day in and day out.Dreams without wings,where i dont have windowsills nor rooftops
For me even something as gravel in a ceramic tray, raked into a pattern,can be called a garden.

Balcony and my little terrace are the two hearts of my house.I am extremely happy for the luxury of having both.
A place of possibilities, of beginnings, of earthy aromas and work- smeared hands, where ingredients are mixed and marinated.This is where the day begins and ends, where plants get their start, where harvests are gathered,where i get wet in rain,hear to the birds chirping.

This is where I anticipate the coming of spring by sowing seeds, where I seek shelter from my nostalgic thoughts, and where I make notes of the week's gardening activities. 

All I need is a bit of functional space where you can comfortably work and wile away the hours.
Of course, sometimes I relish just sitting there -- relaxing in my rocker, listening to the patter of rain on the roof, patiently watching my garden grow.
Now Potting,Repotting and Propagating keeps me busy.

Whole summer morning on Sunday was busy doing all this.It was a pending work which had to done weeks before.
Broken pots serve as bedding and provide drainage,Money plant waiting to be repottedMy instruments for mixing and marinating

Ferns are repotted,they had really outgrown their pot.Coriander seeds waiting to be sownWhorls of the pot,Can you smell the earthen aroma,its intoxicating,I love itFavourite broomstick broom
Succulents basking in glory in sunlight
As the plants get rejuvenated,u feel energetic,try it urself.


  1. I so miss gardening... here in indore i live in a flat... but back in bharuch my hometown we have a lovely garden... and all of us family members keep taking credit for it !!

  2. thanks hitchwriter for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.I am an admirer of your blogs.The easy style,the humour.We need them.
    People in apartments do miss out on gardening,but they find solace in plants in pots in balconies and terrace.At our home town in Kerala,even we have a garden where we have huge trees,coconut plantations,jack fruit tree,mango trees and so many others.People there used to call it a tropical botanical garden.
    Memories of home town even for the minutest.

  3. And you do it with such ease! I'd end up making a royal mess of it all! You have a good touch with plants!

  4. Oh ho,Thanks Shalini,lovely comments.Afterall a horticulturist.I love plants from top to bottom.But i dont like them,not being attended and drying up..So in one way i am little scared to buy plants also,coz of our tours and travels here and there:)

  5. Oh Lakshmi how lovely!!! My balcony is soooo small.... and thats all I've got. I've been meaning to do this for a while... and you make it look soooo easy! Infact have been putting it off. I've got more than a few plants.. but have to do some sorting, trimming... re potting... etc.. etc...

    Your last pic is an inspiration!! Thats it this is what I'm doing next weekend..

  6. Thanks patricia for your lovely comments.its nice I could inspire you in a way.Please do plant atleast some plants.Do potting and repotting.Let me know.


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